Background/Aliiance Information
Gender: Male
Occupation: Unknown
Family: Zaki's Parents (Deceased)
Raki (Brother)
Zaki's uncle (Deceased)
Hometown: Doga
Affiliation: None
Weapons: None
Fate/Status: Eaten by Yoma (Yoma killed by Clare)
First Appearance(Manga): Chapter 1
First Appearance(Anime) Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese: Akira Ishida
English Ian Sinclair

Zaki was Raki's older brother who was killed by a yoma before the start of the series.


"Zaki" in a transliteration of "ザキ," pronounced "za-ki" as in English.

The name Zaki comes from the Arabic and has the meaning "virtuous" , "righteous"



Zaki looks similar to Raki, only taller and more mature looking. He has the same short, slightly spiky brown hair. The main distinguishing feature between him and Raki is that Zaki does not have a scar above his eye.


He is much taller than his human form. His hair also recedes and his skin changes color. His veins are also more prominent and his muscles enlarge. He also has sharper teeth and similar eyes to a Claymore. In short, possesses the typical characteristics of a normal yoma.


As a human Zaki had a strong connection with Raki, so much so that Zaki's memory causes the Yoma to cry as the Yoma was about to kill Raki. As a Yoma he sees himself at the top of the food-chain.


As a HumanEdit

Zaki's human history is unknown. He was killed along with his parents by a Yoma. This Yoma takes over Zaki's identity after eating his brain.

As a YomaEdit

Zaki Yoma

Zaki as a Yoma

When "Zaki" first makes his appearance, the real Zaki was already dead. The Yoma lives with Raki in his uncle's house. "Zaki" attends a meeting at the village's chief. The Yoma pretends to worry about his activities in Doga. He disagrees with the Chief's decision to call a Claymore. He later meets Raki, who asks about Claymores. Raki hears a mix of misinformation.

While Raki meets and follows Clare, the Yoma returns home and eats Raki's uncle. He then waits for Raki, with the intention of eating him. When Raki arrives, "Zaki" reverts to his true form.

The Yoma admits planning a longer stay, but must now leave with Clare's arrival. He begins to cry as he advances on Raki, which he says comes from Zaki's original mind. Raki tries to punch him, but the Yoma strikes back, sending Raki flying across the room.

Clare crashes through the ceiling. And falls between the two. In the Anime, she decapitates the Yoma's arm holding Raki. In the Manga, she cuts off his arm later.

Clare explains that Raki had the scent of Yoma. And simply followed Raki home. The Yoma says he fears no humans. During the fight, he attempts to take Raki hostage, but Clare cuts off his other arm. He begs for his life, but Clare cuts him in two vertically.


The real Zaki seemed to have a strong bond with Raki, as his residual memories in the Yoma's mind were enough to force it to tears as it attacked Raki.


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