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Galatea (The Organization's former Number 3) was the first shown to use this technique.

Clare (The

250px-Claymore episode 16

Galatea using Yoki Manipulation on Dauf

Organization's former Number 47) later uses this technique to help Jean counteract her Awakening and manages to pull her back.

Jean (The Organization's former Number 9) uses this technique to save Clare after she passes her limit during the Battle of the North.

After the seven-year time skip, Cynthia (The Organization's former Number 14) and Yuma (The Organization's former Number 40) use this technique in order to heal injured Claymores and even help them to regenerate lost limbs.

Yoki manipulating Awakened Being is also a user but he is the only Awakened Being shown using this ability.

Renee (The Organization's Number 6) can use Yoki Manipulation but it's still unknown how powerful she is at it.

Roxanne (The Organization's former Number 1) apparently developed another way, showing us the fourth type: using the technique to synchronize with and then manipulate an opponent's yoki in order to completely erase the user's presence.


There are many types of Yoki Manipulation :

  • The first type: The user can manipulate the yoki of his or her opponents. The user can distort their focus, changing the trajectories of incoming attacks. But, according to Riful, the user can't fully control yoki to the point of completely halting attacks, having no effect on blows utilizing full power. If this technique is used by a strong user, however, the user can immobilize, manipulate and force Claymores to exceed their limits or even reduce the usage of yoki to revert an Awakening Claymore back to her human form.
    This type is used by: Galatea, Clare, Jean and the Yoki manipulating Awakened Being.
  • The second type: This type involves manipulating the yoki of the user or other Claymores to aid with regeneration and healing.
    This type is used by Cynthia, Yuma and Clare.
  • The third type: This type is actually part of the first, but because it's more advanced and the results are a little different they make it a new type. The user uses his or her yoki to enter the mind of the opponent and uses this to awaken it or reform its shape, to transfer or erase memories.
    This type is used by Clare, Galatea, Renee, Raftela, Rafaela and Clarice.
  • The fourth type: The user synchronizes with and then manipulates the opponent's yoki to completely erase the user's presence. This type of Yoki Manipulation is a kind of blend of standard Yoki Manipulation, Yoki Synchronization, and Sensory Control. This type is used by Roxanne.