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Witch's Maw

"Witch's Maw" from Anime Scene 15, "The Witch's Maw (Part 1)"

The Witch's Maw is an abandoned castle on Mount Zakol, outside of the town of Hanel. Headquarters of Riful of the West.[1]


Clare searches for Raki in Hanel, where she see two children arguing over the Clare and Teresa statue at the town center. While Clare talks to the girl about Raki, a fatally wounded Claymore, Raquel, staggers into town. Before dying, Raquel begs Clare to save the Awakened Being Hunting Party led by Jean.

Meanwhile inside the castle, Riful has her consort, Dauf, torture the Claymores in an effort to Awaken them. Riful is trying to build an army of Awakened Beings to fight Isley of the North, and she admits to killing thirty Claymores previously to the present hunting party.

Outside, Clare makes her way up Mount Zakol, where she enters the castle and encounters Dauf, who captures Clare after a fight. Suddenly Galatea, who is searching for Clare, shows up. Sge catches Clare and tries to leave, but Dauf caves-in the entrance. Galatea orders Clare to rescue Jean, while the former holds off Dauf.

Clare brings back the Awakened Jean to normal, and they join Galatea upstairs and a battle with Dauf ensues. He is eventually defeated, but Riful rescues him. When Riful Awakens into anAbyssal One, the castle bursts apart and is destroyed, but Riful leaves Clare, Galatea, and Jean alive.

Riful later appears with Renee, and the merged Luciela-Rafaela, in yet another abandoned castle (Riful's Second Hideout)—this one just north of Ticheri.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • "Witch's Maw" is used in the Scene titles of the Manga and Anime. The castle is actually unnamed.


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