Alias: None
Claymore Stats
Gender: Female
Symbol: Wendy's Symbol
Rank: 30 (Former)
Type: Unknown
Technique(s): Unknown
Fate / Status: Dead (Killed in Northern Campaign)
Background / Alliance Information
Affiliation: The Organization (Former)


Hometown: Unknown
First Appearances
Manga: Chapter 50
Anime: Episode 19
Other Information
Jap. Voice: Unknown
En. Voice: Leslie Patrick

Wendy is Claymore No. 30 of Clare's generation.


"Wendy" is a transliteration of the Japanese "Wendi" (ウェンディ, pronounced like the English).

"Wendy" may derive from the Welsh-Gaelic "Gwendolen," specifically from the element "gwen," meaning "white," "fair" or "blessed."


Wendy has the standard claymore eyes and uniform. Her hair is cut about half way up her neck, and has some lose strands of hair in front of her face.

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She was part of Flora's team in the Northern Campaign along with Lily (#18), Karla (#39) and Clare (#47)

She attacks the Yoki controlling Awakened Being with the rest of Flora's team. She and the rest of the team were forced to their knees while the Awakened Being manipulated Karla to kill them all. Clare saved the team by using her "Quick Sword" technique to break the ground. When the being is decapitated by Undine and Deneve it continues to live and attempts to force Wendy and Juliana to surpass their limits and Awaken. She is saved when Clare and Flora slice the head to pieces.

She and Lily are seen being chased by an Awakened Being during the second battle, which is killed when Flora and Clare jump out on it. She is killed by another Awakened Being in Isley's army at a later point in the battle.