Ok. i know that Miria (7 years time skip) will not be in the War Records, since by the Organization, she was dead in the War of North, so i'll make, with my suggestions a datasheet for every character of the 7 Ghosts, starting with Miria.

Well we have the base datasheet of Claymore War Record II

  • Yoki: B+
  • Agility: A+
  • Muscular Strength: C
  • Spirit: B
  • Perception: C
  • Leadership: A+

So, past 7 years of trainning we can hardly improvement in the Agile, Muscular Strenght (new Phantom) and Perception stats, also she defeated easily Audrey and Rachel, both # 3 and # 5 from the new generation, so i can give to Miria this stats:

  • Yoki: B+
  • Agility: S
  • Muscular Strength: B+
  • Spirit: B
  • Perception: A
  • Leadership: S

Why not improve the Spirit and Yoki baseline? i didn't see any improvement at them. Miria don't show to have a superior amount of Yoki (and i don't know if that can be really improved) or Spirit (i can put an B+ or A, cuz Hysteria's Battle factor).

Agility and Strenght Improvement: Ok, that was the really the prime point of Miria's improvement. Like Deneve said, Miria's New Phantom isn't a yoki burst gain, but an speed and, consequently, a strenght improvement after 7 years of trainning. Why strenght? Well, she uses the Mirage without Yoki requirement so, she must have at least a above-average baseline of strenght in the legs to move bindly fast (not so strong as Undine or Sophia).

Perception and Leadership Improvement: Perception imporvement is show when Tabitha and Miria detects Alica and Beth moving toward to West, so i can presume they have a similar Perception baseline (than Galatea comes and owns their asses XD). Leadership improvement is not really impliced but let's think. Tabatha has improved her Perception, Clare able to use the Windcutter, Deneve gained strenght to use Undine's Sword, Helen can extend her limbs without Yoki release and Yuma is an expert at sword trowing...of course, the credit of the new skills goes to the user, but who helped in their trains, for me, Miria helped each one in their improvement, a little like Hilda, showing an Leadership improvement.

So, comment abou my baseline and sorry by the mistakes, my english isn't so good DX kisses <3