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  • I live in Isola Sperimentale
  • My occupation is Claymore professionista
  • I am un personaggio inventato e interpretato da una persona misteriosa e senza identit√†.
  • TeresaDelSorriso

    I'm italian founder of Claymore Wiki (TeresaDelSorriso in Claymore Italia Wiki), and i'm always make changes....I want became admin of Claymore Wiki (where i'm the best user) because it suffered vandalism and i could make nothing for protect it.

    I know that there is someone that makes changes, but isn't always so, then i'd like to have more powers for administer this wiki.

    I start this new blog post for discuss new leadership here.

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  • TeresaDelSorriso

    Hi everyone!I am a fan of Claymore and i am sharing my passion during there days!But i would like if also every person which come to this wiki did the same,so i ask you:Why don't you link your favorite claymore's images?I think you should also link images about their powers,that show why you like them!
    That is my opinion,i think this idea will make this wikia even better :)

    What is your favorite Claymore?

    My favorite Claymore is :

 20:18, August 27, 2012 (UTC)

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