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    October 21, 2015 by God-Eye Galatea Fanboy

    Sorry for my recent tardiness, but school, psychometrics and sports are taking their tole on my free time on this Wiki. As of now, I've an iota of time dispensed for editing, and most of which will be spent on rest\anime. Best chances of seeing me editing, will be during weekends which, in my country consist of Friday and Saturday. I apologize for not being as active.

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  • God-Eye Galatea Fanboy

    In my opinion, the following are in fact the strongest beings\warriors of all time (a top 10 list):

    1. Teresa (self explanitory).
    2. Priscilla (self explanitory).
    3. Dauful (Riful and Dauf fused together) - they were formidable against Priscilla, whose power exceeds that of the Abyssal's Ones and in spite of that they were troublesome. 
    4. Cassandra (repeadtedly agreed upon in the manga and evidently, stronger than the 2 other most powerful no. 1 [Hysteria and Roxxane] except for Teresa).
    5. Roxanne (kept up with Cassandra in battle for quite a long time).
    6. Miria (having keeping up with Hysteria as an Abyssal One is truly impressive and commendable).
    7. Hysteria (one of the 8th best no.1 warriors of all time).
    8. Isley - A powerful Abyssal One, strong enough to maim Lu…
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