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Alias None
Gender Female
Symbol Uranus Symbol
Rank 31 (Former)
Type Unknown
Technique(s) Blade of Evil
Status Dead
Affiliation The Organization (Former)
Family Unknown
Hometown Unknown
Manga Chapter 117
Anime N/A
Voice Actors
Japanese N/A
English N/A

Uranus was Claymore No. 31 of Cassandra's generation. She had a sword technique, dubbed "Blade of Evil," which Roxanne copied.[1]


"Uranus" was the first planet discovered that was not known in ancient times, from the Latin Uranus, from the Greek Οὐρανός, meaning "heaven." This may be in reference to Uranus being the first to have her technique copied by Roxanne.


Uranus had pale hair styled in a razor-shag cut, a shorter version of Miria's. She had silver eyes and wore the standard Claymore uniform.

Abilities and Powers[]


Uranus using the Blade of Evil

Uranus utilized a sword technique, dubbed by a few as "Blade of Evil." The technique entailed utilizing the entire sword (hilt, crossguard, blade) to attack. This was done to compensate for the user's lacking speed and strength. Despite the effectiveness of this technique in fighting Awakened Beings and allowed Uranus to survive numerous battles against them, other warriors saw the technique as unsightly and desperate.[1]

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Uranus was first introduced as being part of Roxanne's first Awakened Being hunt. Though she was only No. 31, she had a lot of experience with Awakened Beings, as she was assigned in an area with a lot of them. To survive, she created her trademark sword technique. Roxanne saw the technique for the first time then, and was utterly impressed despite the skill being looked down upon by other warriors.

Soon after the hunt, Uranus and Roxanne became close, with Roxanne starting to copy the former's sword technique. Later, however, as Roxanne's skills began to surpass Uranus's, she began to hate Uranus as well as the sword technique she had mastered.

Uranus died soon afterwards during an Awakened Being hunt, just as Roxanne got promoted to No. 24.[1]



Uranus and Roxanne became friends shortly after their first Awakened Being hunt together, with the latter copying the former's sword style. Later, however, as Roxanne surpassed Uranus, she began to hate her. It is implied that Roxanne was, in some way, responsible for her death, for which she did not show any sadness or remorse.[1]


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