Toriro (manga)

"Toriro" from Scene 25, "The Slashers 1"

Town in unnamed region, northeast of the Paburo Mountains. "Toriro" is first mentioned by Phantom Miria[1].

Also "Toril" (Spanish), "Torilo" (Italian).


Queenie and one unnamed Claymore, led by Miria, finds that Clare disobeyed orders and killed four Yoma on her own, hoping one was the Awakened Being Priscilla. Not an official Awakened Being Hunting Party, Clare does not yet know that "Voracious Eaters" are "Awakened Beings."

Despite their later friendship, this first impression makes Miria sometimes mistrustful of Clare, even seven years after the Northern Campaign.

Later Rubel sends Clare to a town west of Toriro, where she joins the Paburo Hunting Party, also led by Miria[1].

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • "Toriro" is a transliteration of "トリロ." Pronounced in Japanese as "to-re-ah."


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