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Claymore No. 10 is a rank given by The Organization to an active warrior that especially trained to police other Claymores who endanger the Organization by using Sensory Control. Regardless of overall strength the position of No. 10 is always reserved to this Claymore who has received Anti Warrior training and who has to be present at the Organization Headquarters at all times and to remain unknown to all other Claymores.[1]

History of the title[]

When Miria attacked the Organization's headquarters, Raftela was quickly dispatched to neutralize the threat. While a pair twin trainees with Soul Link ability fought Miria back, Raftela used her powers on Miria to tip the fight in the twins' favor. Eventually, the rest of the Claymores are gathered against a heavily wounded and delirious Miria and proceeded to finish her.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Raftela is the very first Organization's Number Ten shown in the manga, and since its fall, the very last one.


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