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God Eye Galatea

The Eye is a warrior who excels in wide range Yoki sensing and for this the Organization uses this warrior as their spy to keep the other warriors in check. If they go missing or to find out how they did in battles the eye will be dispatched. They are kept in the Organization to take commands when needed and other than that they are sent to their places in the land to take normal orders like other Claymores.

Selecting the Eye[]

The Eye is usually a single digit that was either raised to be one by the Organization or naturally possesses superior yoki sensing abilities. The "Eyes" all have to be outstanding in Yoki sensing and have to be able to read Yoki from a far distance to remain undetected by their targets,due to this power being both powerful and the difficulty to develop these advanced sensory abilities,the chosen "Eye" is usually placed into a high ranked Single Digit possession as seen with both Galatea and Renee.

The Known Eyes[]


The Organization's last eye, Renee

  • Galatea is the first warrior shown as the Eye of the Organization, nicknamed "God Eye Galatea". She is the former Number 3 and can sense Yoki over long distances, well out of the sensing range of other Claymores. She can sense faraway emotions and movements as if close-up. After her eyes' destruction (by her own hand), Galatea's Yoki Sensing has grown significantly and essentially became an "extension" of herself due to the fact that it was her optimal (and probably only) way of "seeing" without her eyes. In a sense, she became a prodigy in Yoki Sensing as demonstrated when she sensed Isley's fall in the South while located at the West
  • Renee (the Organization's Number 6) was the successor of Galatea's role upon her desertion and the last "Eye" of the Organization, she can sense Yoki at very long distances.[1] This skill is the object of Riful's efforts to awaken the merged Luciela-Rafaela.
  • Considering her nickname, Sistina, one of the most powerful Number 1 in history, may have been an Eye of the Organisation.

Other Abilities[]

There are many Claymores in every generation who are capable of yoki sensing over long distances. However, it does not neccesarily mean that they are the Organization's eyes. The Organization has only one eye in their arsenal at any given time, probaby the title given to the most talented warrior currently in their ranks.


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