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"Sutare" from Scene 41, "The Witch's Maw 1"

"Our Organization lies in the ruined soil of this wide continent to the Far East, in Sutare, where it oversees every mission." –The Organization


Eastern region first mentioned by Clare (called Sutafu in anime and VIZ manga translation).[1] Rocky, desert environment. Cave houses and castles fill out the landscape.


The Organization is headquartered in an unnamed town, which some translations named "Staff".[2] Of the four quadrants of the Island World of Claymore, Sutare is controlled by the Organization, rather than an Abyssal One.

Despite the desolate landscape around "Staff," there exists other towns and areas of forest in Sutare.

In the vicinity of this town, Rafaela passes through another unnamed town.[3] She hears about the Organization obtaining identical twins (perhaps Alicia and Beth). She later meets a young runaway trainee, Teresa, in the wooded outskirts of the town.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Depending on the manga translation, there may be a village southwest of Organization headquarters (Miria's Mystery Village).
  • Yuma's hometown is near headquarters.


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