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Alicia and beth

Alicia and Beth using "Soul Link"

Soul Link is an ability involving two Claymores in which one Awakens and the other is entrusted her human soul. This allows the one who Awakened to revert back to human form, therefore allowing for controlled Awakenings.


Soul Link Attempts[]


The new Soul Link twins

The first known attempt of this technique was the one involving Luciela and Rafaela. The original experiment failed, with Luciela fully Awakening and becoming the Abyssal One of the South. It was said that Rafaela accidentally broke their link because her heart was too weak.[1]

Realizing that they must be more careful in selecting subjects for their second attempt, the Organization used identical twins, Alicia and Beth, whom they stole from their parents shortly after birth and then raised from infancy. Galatea thought it was a repeat of the first experiment, and used the term "Soul Link" to refer to the technique.[2] However, Rubel revealed that the twins have lost almost all individuality, possessing almost no sense of self or intellect outside of combat. They were essentially one merged soul—a two-body, one-mind Claymore in effect.[1]

Miria vs the twins

The unnamed twins switching Awakenings

The third experiment used new identical twins, with the Organization attempting to crush their minds at an even younger age than Alicia and Beth. These twins could switch Awakenings - that is, the twin originally Awakened could revert, keep the other's soul, and allow the other twin to Awaken at will, even in the midst of battle. As such, their technique is relatively more advanced than the previous generation's.[3]


Miata partially Awakening during the Soul-Link with Clarice and Galatea.

The fourth experiment is conducted by Galatea, Clarice, and Miata during Europa's attack on Rabona. Clarice acts as Miata's "Beth" and synchronizes their Yoki auras with the aid of Galatea's Yoki Manipulation technique. However, their success is only made possible by Miata's straightforward way of thinking, and when the Awakened Miata is gravely injured by Europa, Clarice's body takes damage in turn.

The fifth and final instance of Soul Link in the series is demonstrated by Clare and Teresa. Since Clare is a 1/4 Yoma with Teresa's flesh, it gives this bond a greater physical proximity than any of the others. In this synchronization, Teresa is able to manifest once more in a physical form, long after her death, by 'taking over' Clare's body. She is also able to enter an Awakened Form, which Galatea notes as having a Yoki signature that resembles the Twin Goddesses' statue. This link is activated by Clare during the final confrontation with Priscilla, during which Teresa strikes her down for good. Ultimately, it is the only instance of a Claymore achieving a Full Awakening and retaining her humanity with no external synchronization.


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