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Nina's Shadow Hunter

Shadow Hunter (Jap. Shadōhantā.)

Nina (the Organization's No. 9) is the creator of this technique.[1]


Once Nina releases the technique, her blade follows a target's yoki, moving and slashing continuously until the yoki is extinguished.

The technique, however, leaves the user open for attacks. As such, Nina requires an ample and competent backup force to protect her while the technique is active.[1]

The blade is surmised to move quite fast, as it managed to wound Cassandra, a former No. 1 who presumably possesses a good amount of agility. It must be noted, though, that Cassandra was also fighting Audrey and Rachel at the same time. Also, she was not fighting at her full potential, consciously holding back in utilizing her signature move, without which, her skills only match up to that of an average No. 5.[2]


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