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The Seven Ghosts are the survivors of the Northern Campaign, who deserted the Organization and hid in the mountains of Alphonse for seven years. During this time, they replaced their worn out Organization uniforms for outfits made out of a sleek, leather-like material that looks very similar to Irene's outfit when she was in hiding.


During the seven years in which they hid in the mountains, the seven Claymores who survived the Battle of the North trained tirelessly to improve their skills. After the seven years, it is shown that all of them have not only greatly improved in strength and speed; they have also perfected unique, individual skills, such as Helen's mastery of Jean's (the former No. 9) Drill Sword or Clare's mastery of Flora's (the former No. 8) Windcutter. Miria is shown to have perfected a new and improved Phantom Mirage, Cynthia has acquired the unique ability to heal using Yoki-Synchronization, Yuma has gained the ability to accurately projectile-throw her sword, Deneve has learnt to use the former No. 11's (Undine) iconic Twin Sword skill, and Tabitha has dramatically improved her ability to sense Yoki. As stated by Miria in chapter 123 of the manga, most of the Ghosts have skill and power equal to that of single digits. As a result of their harsh training and newfound abilities, most of the Ghosts are able to dispose of Awakened Beings on their own and easily defeat much higher ranking Claymores of the current generation. A great example of this is when Yuma (Claymore No. 40 of the previous generation) is able to effortlessly defeat the current No. 14.

Shortly after they left the Northern Lands, an Awakened Being Hunting Party gossips about Nina's team's miraculous survival in Alphonse, despite being completely defeated.[1] Rachel jokingly suggests that Nina's team was rescued by "ghosts of the warriors from seven years ago." Audrey ironically echoes this comment.[2] The Seven Ghosts are members of the Paburo Hunting Party (Miria, Deneve, Helen, Clare), plus Cynthia, Tabitha and Yuma. It represents Clare's second major group bonding.


Galery of Members and Emblems[]


Standing (In front) from Left: Helen, Miria Claire, Deneve and Cynthia
at the Back: Tabitha and Uma

The Seven Ghosts
Name and Image EmblemRank Status (after the Seven year timeskip)
Miria Later
"Phantom" Miria
No. 6


Alive/Deserted (Survivor of the Northern Campaign)
Cynthia sevent ghost
No. 14


Alive/Deserted (Survivor of the Northern Campaign)
292px-Deneve en el Capítulo 121
"Regenerator" Deneve


Alive/Deserted (Survivor of the Northern Campaign)
Helen seven ghosts
Snake-Arms Helen
No. 22


Alive/Deserted (Survivor of the Northern Campaign)
Tabitha Profile
"Wide Range" Tabitha
No. 31

Tabitha's Symbol

Deserted/Dead (Killed by Priscilla)
Yuma seven ghost
Sword Thrower Yuma
No. 40


Alive/Deserted (Survivor of the Northern Campaign)
Ghost Clare
"Fastest Sword of All Claymores" Clare
No. 47


Alive/Deserted (Survivor of the Northern Campaign)


The goal of the Seven Ghosts is to destroy the organization.

After the beheading of The Organization's Chief Rimuto, hence the demise of the Organization, Every member pledged herself to one another thus rendering every personal enemy the Seven Ghosts' enemy. As seen with their commitment to Clare by fighting Priscilla.


Seven Survivors' Symbols

Emblems From left Miria (No. 6), Cynthia (No. 14), Deneve (No. 15), Helen (No. 22), Tabitha (No. 31), Yuma (No. 40) and Clare (No. 47)


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