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Raftela using Sensory Control

Sensory Control is an ability that allows the user to manipulate their opponents ability to sense.

Raftela (the Organization's No. 10) is the first Claymore shown to possess this ability. However, it has been implied that all warriors ranked No. 10 possess this skill as an anti-warrior measure by the Organization.[1]


While focusing her yoki throughout her body, Raftela can blur the vision of an adversary, affecting their depth perception, and "dive into the confused minds of her opponents, and then amplify and send the opponent into a state of insanity, at the deep thoughts sleeping inside her opponent's heart." As a result, the target hallucinates and becomes delirious.

It is noted by Raftela that the technique requires the release of even the tiniest amount of yoki from the target; otherwise, it would be impossible for her to align her yoki with the opponent's and manipulate it.[1]

This technique is quite similar to Galatea's Yoki Manipulation technique, which is also used to control opponents through yoki alignment. Roxanne's ability to completely erase her aura from specific targets may be a variation of Sensory Control.[2]

Sensory Control and Miria[]

When Miria att

Hilda and Miria

Miria seeing Hilda in place of one of the twins

acked the Organization's headquarters, Raftela was quickly dispatched to neutralize her.

Initially, since Miria was not using any yoki, Raftela could not utilize her technique. However, while fighting the twin trainess with the Soul Link ability, Miria was forced to release her yoki in order to match their superior strength and augment her stamina.

Raftela used her ability on Miria to tip the fight in the twins' favor. At first, she managed to blur Miria's vision, making the latter unable to evade one of the twins' attack and unable to effectively hit her target. Miria then began to hallucinate, seeing Hilda in place of one of the twins and becoming inable to fight any further. Eventually, the rest of the Claymores gathered against a heavily wounded and delirious Miria and proceeded to strike her down.[1]


According to Roxanne, Sensory Control is best to be used only on one person to get full control, but it is still unclear on how much the control will be reduced by if it is used on more than one person.


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