Rippling Sword

(The Organization's former No. 4) is the creator of this technique, earning her the nickname "Rippling Ophelia." Ophelia herself, however, stated that the name has not become well known as "most of the people who have seen it are dead."

Ophelia created this technique solely out of envy for those warriors who had nicknames, such as "Windcutter Flora" and "Phantom Miria."[1]

Oddly, this technique seems better-suited for fighting warriors and other sword-wielders than for Awakened Beings.


Ophelia uses the flexible quality of both her body and her sword to vibrate and undulate her sword, making it resemble a rippling snake.[1] This illusion causes her strikes to be near-impossible to anticipate or block as they can weave around an opponent's sword, though Irene was shown to be able to easily deflect them with the Quicksword.[2]

Teresa appears to use the Rippling Sword after Awakening during her final battle with Priscilla.

Rippling Sword and QuickswordEdit

The Quicksword is shown to be fast enough to block the Rippling Sword, rendering it useless.[2] However, the overall effectiveness of each technique depends on the opponent it is used against. Opponents with exceptional yoki-sensing abilities would be able to sense the movements of the Quicksword, just like how Teresa was able to effectively match Irene's Quicksword during their fight at the inn.[3] On the other hand, the Rippling Sword would prove to be much more difficult to counter since it can be predicted neither visually nor with sensing.


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