Alias: The Organization's Trump Card
Claymore Stats
Gender: Female
Symbol: Raftela2
Rank: 10 (Former)
Type: Unknown
Technique(s): Sensory Control
Fate / Status: Alive
Background / Alliance Information
Affiliation: Seven Ghosts
The Organization (Former)


Hometown: Unknown
First Appearances
Manga: Scene 107
Anime: (N/A)
Other Information
Jap. Voice: (N/A)
En. Voice: (N/A)

Raftela is Claymore No. 10 of the last generation of Claymores. She is known as the "Trump Card" in the The Organization because she was trained to police other Claymores who endanger the Organization, as revealed by Rubel. She is the only Claymore who stayed in the Organization after all the other Claymores had left. However, touched by the emotions of the other Claymores, Raftela refused to use her powers against them.


"Raftela" is a transliteration of the Japanese "Rafutera" (ラフテラ, pronounced "raf-Tier-ah").

Possibly derived from the Middle English "rafte," meaning to "plunder, attack," as in "to rafte with one's sword." Perhaps alluding to the effects of No. 10's Special Attack.

"Raftela" exists as a female first name, but is rare.


Raftela has long hair that recedes from the front hair-line, making it sleek back. Just like most other Claymorrs, Raftela has the standard silver eyes, pale blonde hair, and wore standard Claymore uniform.


Raftela appears to be of a quiet nature, yet seems to understand the feelings of other Claymores very well.


Sensory ControlEdit


Raftela using her ability

Main article: Sensory Control

While focusing her Yoki through-out her body, she can blur the vision of the opponent and "...dive into the confused minds of her opponents, and then amplify and send the opponent into a state of insanity, at the deep thoughts sleeping inside her opponent's heart."

This would eventually causes hallucinations and delirium on her intended victim.

Aside from just producing hallucinations and affecting the vision of her opponents, Raftela had demonstrated the ability to disturb an opponent attacks by using her Sensory Control. This is ability was shown when she used her power to make Cassandra attacks to miss saving Audrey's life in the process and during the battle of Rabona she helped divert Europa's attacks making her tentacles miss her comrades.


Unknown to all other Claymores, Claymore No. 10 is always trained to police other Claymores who endanger the Organization.[1]

When Miria attacked the Organization's headquarters, Raftela was quickly dispatched to neutralize the threat. While a pair twin trainees with the Soul Link ability fought Miria back, Raftela used her powers on Miria to tip the fight in the twins' favor. Eventually, the rest of the Claymores gathered against a heavily wounded and delirious Miria and proceeded to finish her.

Raftela and trainees

Raftela being hugged by the trainees.

Later, when the other Claymores turned their back to the Organization, Raftela is the only Claymore left in the Organization. She explained to the elders that it was not her mission to look for Miria's Yoki but helping to defeat her. She also explained that the lone warrior (Miria) gave the warriors emotion, the impression that all the Claymores experience during their hard time. Explaining that all their hearts belong to the human side, the betraying Claymores changed their mind when they were cut down, but not killed. They, with all due respect, fight for Miria. The elders said Raftela had to look for the Yoki or they would kill her on the spot.

She then replied, "With all due respect, the cause of the Organization's defeat is that they know too little about our hearts as humans". The Organization's men then pierced her with their weapons and presumed her to be dead.

Raftela is revealed to be alive but badly injured, and she uses her ability to stop Cassandra the Dust Eater from killing Audrey, who has already lost both her arms and legs during battle. Raki insists that she must stop due to her injuries, but Raftela wants to continue helping the warriors. She states that as the only anti-warrior Claymore, she never had comrades or friends amongst Claymores so she pleads that they let her feel helpful this once. In response to that, the younger Claymore trainees move together around her to support her, while Raki fights off the Organization's men.

After the Organization's fall, she and the trainees join the warriors on the former battlefield, where she apologizes for her actions against Miria's invasion. She breaks down sobbing after Miria explains she is not angry and thanks her for helping them and for saving the twins.

She joins the other warriors to defend Rabona from Europa. Using her Sensory Control she supports her comrades by manipulate Europa's tentacles to miss them. She also joins the Single-Digits to prevent Europa from disturbing the delicate process of awaken Miata with the Soul Link. Combining her Yoki Manipulation and Anastasia's hair lassos they messes with Europa's footing, making her a good target for the other Single-Digits.

She synchronizes her Yoki to Galatea's to turn Miata back from her Awakened state.


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