Background/Aliiance Information
Gender: Male
Occupation: Man-in-Black
Family: Unknown
Hometown: Unknown
Affiliation: The Organization
Weapons: None
Fate/Status: Alive
First Appearance(Manga): Scene 68
First Appearance(Anime) N/A
Voice Actors
Japanese: N/A
English N/A

Rado is the member of the Organization in charge of Clarice.


"Rado" is a transliteration of "Purado" (プラド, pronounced "pur-ah-da"). "プラド" translates to "Prado." Possibly alluding to the Museo del Prado, Madrid, Spain.


Rado wears a long, black cloak like many of the other Organization members. He appears to be bald and wears a circular metal object on his head with some sort of fabric hanging from the back to cover his neck. He doesn't have any pupils, meaning his eyes are completely white.


Where we can find Rado's images.


Rado is first seen attending a meeting in the Organization about the situation in the North, concerning information reported from Clarice about seven swords being missing from the dead Claymores of the Northern Campaign. After the meeting had concluded, he tells Clarice that he is putting her in charge of Miata, the Organization's No. 4. He describes her as powerful enough to aim for number 1 but is too mentally unstable. He then tells Clarice he is relying on her and exits the hall.