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Rabona (anime)

The Holy City of Rabona.

Rabona, also known as the Holy City of Rabona and The City of the Saints, is a city that lies in a valley in western Toulouse.


A huge city surrounded on all sides by tall stone walls, its center is a large carthedral. It has a flourishing market and luxurious inns. Originally, it had a zero tolerance policy on anything "unnatural" such as Claymores.

Clare's Visit[]

Clare is sent to Rabona, at the request of Father Vincent, to investigate a series of murders taking place within the cathedral. A Yoma is suspected. Clare takes Raki along.

Clare takes yoki-suppressant pills, changing her eye color to normal, but having the side-effect of impairing her yoki-sensing abilities.

She runs into inference from two guards, Galk and Sid, during her nightly travels to and from the cathedral.

The pills hinders Clare's abliity to find the Yoma. But the Yoma finds her and leaves her nearly dead. Eventually, she recovers to confront the Yoma again.

After the second fight, Clare awakens and asks Galk to kill her, but Raki intervenes.

Attack by Agatha[]

Rabona becomes more tolerant, though Claymores are still forbidden. After Galatea deserts the Organization, she moves to Rabona and becomes a nun.

When Galatea detects an Awakened Being, she tricks the Organization to send a hit team by releasing her yoki. Clarice and Miata are sent.[1]

During the bungled assassination attempt, Agatha attacks the city. Galatea ends up fighting both Claymores and Agatha, as Agatha destroys the city.[2]

The Seven Ghosts (Miria, Deneve, Helen, Cynthia, Tabitha, Yuma, Clare) arrive and save the city).[3][4] As a result, Rabona changes its policy on Claymores.

Retaliation of the Organization[]

After Miria's failed attack on their headquarters, the Organization learns of Rabona harboring fugitive Claymores and sends a force of yoma and Awakened Beings to wipe out the Holy City. However, the Ghosts return to reinforce their comrades, and with help from the human soldiers led by Galk and Sid, manage to repel all yoma from the Holy City. Cid confirms that there were no casulties.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • "ラボイ" is transliterated as "Lavoy." Pronounced in Japanese as "ra-boi."
  • Coincidentally, the Latin root elements in "Rabona" are "repeating" (ra-) "good" (-bona).
  • Although no specifics have been given on Rabonian religion, both Clare and Galatea have made reference to a "God of Rabona" implying that the city practices monotheism.
  • After Agatha's attack on the city, the policy towards Claymores changes completely and they are fully welcome as the warriors are seen fighting alongside the human soldiers in the open.


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