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Phantom Mirage is a technique that allows the user to briefly move at a frightening speed, thereby leaving after-images to confuse opponents, thus earning her the title "Phantom Miria."[1] Miria (the Organization's former No. 6) is the creator of this technique.


Miria is first seen using the technique at her first Awakened Being Hunting Party. The leader of the party, Hilda, the Organization's #6 at the time, is surprised of her technique and keeps asking her to improve it so when they meet again, she can see the difference.


Hilda is later killed by Miria unknowingly at her third Awakened Being Hunting Party. Miria is shocked and almost Awakens herself, eventually becoming a Half-Awakened Claymore. Her near-Awakening helped increase her control over her technique. 


The technique entails a split-second burst of yoki, enhancing the user's speed to the point that the user leaves an after-image. It confuses adversaries and is used primarily to dodge attacks, occasionally to launch an attack. Before the seven-year timeskip, the Miria is limited to about 20 safe uses in a single fight, due to intense physical and mental strain.[1]

After the Northern Campaign, the Seven Ghosts are forced into completely suppressing their yoki auras. As such, Miria developed a "New Mirage" that relies on base speed instead of yoki. This New Mirage, though slightly slower than the original, is safer, and allows for more precise movements and, most importantly, near-limitless usage.[2]

When combating Hysteria, Miria unveiled a new variant of the technique: Instead of using a burst of yoki (like with the original Phantom) she would intentionally surpass her limits in a momentary Awakening, trading precision in favor of raw speed and power that surpasses both the standard Phantom and Hysteria's Elegance. The technique carries great risks, however: She can only move in straight lines, making it impossible to defend against any counterattacks, and it puts Miria's humanity on the line. Hysteria herself is "disgusted" at this variant because it has no style or grace.[3] 

Miria new phantom 2

Miria's new phantom

Phantom Mirage and Elegance[]

Elegance is a technique developed by Hysteria the Elegant, one of the three warriors resurrected by Dae. Like the Phantom Mirage, it also utilizes a brief burst of yoki to allow for an immense boost in agility.

The difference between the two techniques lies in the very nature of their usage—Miria uses her technique to get some distance from her opponent but Hysteria uses hers to get in close. Miria also states that though the speed of both techniques are roughly the same, the precision of Hysteria's movements are on an entirely different level.[4]


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