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Sword Oath (anime)

Miria, Deneve, Helen and Clare, making a sword oath, from Anime Scene 11, Those Who Rend Asunder (Part 3)

The Awakened Being Hunting Party taking place in the Paburo Mountains. Miria commands the party, which consists of Deneve, Helen and Clare.


The fourth iconic bonding event in the Claymore series.

Previous bonding events are Teresa and Clare, then Clare and Raki (Elena and Clare in flashback).

But the Paburo Hunting Party shows four very self-reliant, mutually hostile warriors forced to overcome their differences and cooperate as they struggle to survive a confrontation with an Awakened Being (Scene 26, anime Scene 9).

Miria's bad impression of Clare continues from their first encounter in Toriro. In an unnamed town, Clare arrives a week late for a meeting with the hunting party. After leaving Raki at an inn, Clare leaves with the party for the mountains.

That night, Miria tests Clare's abilities with a sword fight. Clare loses and collapses, going unconscious. As she lies in the rain, she dreams of Teresa.

The next morning, the party continues their journey into the mountains.

Upon the initial, overwhelming attack by the Awakened Being (a former male Claymore), Miria suspects the Organization of sending the party on a suicide mission. The party survives due not only to their Half-Awakened state, but their trust in one another.

After the Awakened Being is killed, the four Claymores compare notes and discover that each of them is a partially Awakened Being, plus being viewed by the Organization as a troublemaker.

The now four fast friends touch sword points and vow to survive and meet again (Scene 31, anime Scene 11).

All four remeet in the Northern Campaign.