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Alias None
Gender Female
Symbol Unknown
Rank 9 (Former)
Type Offensive
Technique(s) Unknown
Status Dead (Killed by Awakened Being)
Affiliation The Organization (Former)
Family Unknown
Hometown Unknown
Manga Chapter 117
Anime N/A
Voice Actors
Japanese N/A
English N/A

Neideen was Claymore No. 9 of Cassandra's generation. Having lost her right eye before becoming a Claymore, she created a fighting style that was dependent on Yoki perception. Roxanne later copied this technique.[1]


"Neideen" may have been derived from "Nadine," a feminine proper name and diminutive of the French Nádja, from an informal Russian pet form of the virtue name Надежда, meaning "hope."


Neideen's most striking feature was an eyepatch covering her right eye. She had pale, medium-length hair that was rather messy and unruly. She had silver eyes and wore the standard Claymore uniform.

Image Gallery[]


Neideen seemed to have been a easy going and confident warrior as seen when she casually acts after finishing a assignment,She was Also a Cautious woman as at first she was suspicious of Roxanne after she had lost her own Eye Similarly to herself , but eventually came to trust her after going on assignments together with her, Showing that She would eventually trust a comrade in arms once proven worthy.

Abilities and Powers[]

Suffering from a lack of depth perception because of her missing right eye, Neideen utilized a fighting style that relied heavily on yoki perception. She was allegedly so sharp that she could fight as if she had two eyes even if she closed her remaining eye.[1]


Neideen lost her right eye as a child, presumably before becoming a Claymore. Aside from this, little else is known about her early life.


Neideen's unexpected death

Neideen became the leader of an Awakened Being Hunting Party that included Roxanne. During the hunt, Roxanne seemingly permanently lost her right eye. Neideen, though initially suspicious, grew to like Roxanne, who admired her and even began to copy her fighting style. The two, then, formed a partnership that even the Organization acknowledged. The pair went on numerous hunts together.

As Roxanne's abilities began to approach Neideen's, the latter died during a hunt for a single, low-ranking Awakened Being. The other warriors were shocked that a single digit would die from such an easy battle. They were more perplexed, however, when Roxanne's right eye returned to normal the instant Neideen died.[1]



Neideen took a liking to Roxanne after she saw during a hunt that was led by her that the latter was polishing a technique that was similar to her own. The fact that Roxanne had also lost her right eye might have also been a factor. The two became partners, going on numerous hunts together.[1]


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