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Mount Shire

"Mount Shire" from Anime Scene 2, "The Black Card"

Mountain in unnamed region. May be in Lautrec. Site of ruined temples. Mountain is named by Clare [1].


Where Clare rendezvous with her best friend, Elena, who sent Clare a Black Card[1].

Despite Raki's protest, Clare euthanizes Elena.

Anime Scene 2 depicts town of Shire, where Clare attempts to leave Raki at an inn, before she travels to the mountain. This sequence does not appear in Manga.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • "シーレ" is a Japanese transliteration for "Schiele," not "Shire" as in most translations[1]. "Schiele" in German is pronounced "she-lah."
  • The Anime pronounces the name as "she-en."
  • "Schiele" may allude to Austrian Expressionist painter, Egon Schiele (1890–1918).
  • Clare and Raki leave the town of "Egon" and travel to "Schiele" or "Shire."


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