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Miria's Mystery Village

"Mystery Village" from Scene 79, "Truths in the East"

Village in unnamed region. May be in Sutare, Mucha or Lautrec.


After the battle with Agatha in Rabona, Miria has a tense meeting with the Seven Ghosts, Galatea, Clarice and Miata.

There are two translations of her speech. Miria either says "there's a village southwest of the Organization headquarters," which could place the village in Sutare, and that a party from the Organization visited the village.[1]

Or: The village is deep in the mountains, in an area in the southwest, the furthest from the Organization's control. The villagers were shocked to see Miria when they saw her (Scene 79, VIZ translation). This is suggestive of a region beyond Sutare and also that Miria was alone.

In either translation, the villagers never heard of Yoma. See "Miria's Hypothesis" in The Organization.


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