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Alias: Lutecia The Universal
Claymore Stats
Gender: Female
Symbol: Unknown
Rank: 1 (Former)
Type: defensive, offensive and special
Technique(s): Unknown
Fate / Status: Dead (Unknown Causes)
Background / Alliance Information
Affiliation: The Organization (Former)


Hometown: Unknown
First Appearances
Manga: Scene 110 (Mention)
Anime: N/A
Other Information
Jap. Voice: N/A
En. Voice: N/A

Lutecia was Claymore No. 1 during her generation, and one of the eight most powerful No.1s of all time. During her lifetime, she became known as "Lutecia The Universal" (万有のルテーシア, Ban'yū no Rutēshia, lit. "Lutecia of the Worlds").[1] Currently, nothing else is known about her.


"Lutecia" is a transliteration of the Japanese "Rutēshia" (ルテーシア).

"Lutecia" is possibly derived from lutetia, a word of Gallo-Latin origin for "place near a swamp." Lutetia Parisorum, forerunner of the re-established Merovingian town that is the ancestor of present-day Paris, was the name of a fortified town of the Gaulish tribe of the Parisii, who had a capital there.



Mention in the Manga

Before the events of the Claymore Rebellion, Dae retrieved from Raki the arm of Priscilla, recognizing its powerful nature, with the purpose of reviving former No.1´s. He asks the other men of the Organization for the names of past warriors more powerful than the three Abyssals. Eight names are mentioned, one of them being "Lutecia the Universal". It is possible that she was a former "Eye," as her nickname refers to "omnipresence." Aside from her name, combat type, rank, and power, nothing is known about Lutecia.


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