Lina No.14
Alias: None
Claymore Stats
Gender: Female
Symbol: Claymore14rank
Rank: 14
Type: Unknown
Technique(s): Unknown
Fate / Status: Alive
Background / Alliance Information
Affiliation: Survivors of Northern Campaign The Organization (Former)


Hometown: Unknown
First Appearances
Manga: Scene 83
Anime: None
Other Information
Jap. Voice: None
En. Voice: None

Lina is Claymore No. 14 of the current generation.


"Lina" is a transliteration of the Japanese "Rīna" (リーナ).

"Lina" is a feminine proper name, from the Arabic لينة, meaning "tender," in reference to a small, young palm tree.


Lina has short, straight blonde hair, silver eyes and wears the standard uniform.


Lina is first seen as part of a team sent to search for Renee when the latter disappeared and fell into Riful's hands. She engaged in a short battle with Yuma while Clare and Cynthia moved to battle an awakened being. She was soundly defeated.[1]

She is next seen as one of the warriors who participated in the battle against Europa when the latter attacked the Holy City of Rabona. [2]


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