"Lautrec" from Scene 83, "Prospect of Reunion"

Western region first mentioned by Cynthia in Scene 83. Green valleys, mountains and desert.


Doga is in the far west. There the Claymore series begins with Raki meeting Clare.

Stora, Egon, Shire and Mount Shire, where Clare travels to from Doga, may be nigh.

Elsewhere in the region is the town of Hanel (mentioned at beginning of anime Scene 15, town is unnamed in manga). Hanel has a Teresa and Clare statue on display.

Nearby Mount Zakol is headquarters ("Witch's Maw") of Riful of the West (Scene 42, anime Scene 15).

Lacroa (first mentioned by Rimuto in Scene 89), town in which Clare, Cynthia and Yuma ended up fighting an Organization search party and an Awakened Being, then discover that Rubel was watching.

Ticheri (first mentioned by one of Dae's men in Scene 96), where north of the town, The Destroyer bursts out of Riful's Second Hideout, then demolishes Ticheri with Parasitic Rods.

Miria's Mystery VillageEdit

Miria speaks about a village that may be in Lautrec, according to one manga translation. The village is "deep in the mountains," in "an area in the southwest, the furthest from the Organization's control." The villagers were shocked to see Miria when she visited. And that the villagers never heard of Yoma. (Scene 79, VIZ translation). See Miria's Mystery Village.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • "Lautrec" may derive from the French Post-Impressionist painter, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1864–1901), as also the central region of "Toulouse."
  • The Japanese version of "Lautrec," "ロートレク" can be transliterated back to "Rotoreku." Pronounced "ro-to-re-ku."


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