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"Lacroa" from Scene 84, "The Seductive Messenger"

East-most town in western region of Lautrec. In vicinity of Toulouse border. After crossing border, Clare calls it "the nearest town in the west".[1]


"Lacroa" was first mentioned by Rimuto.[2]

Called "Lacroix" in VIZ translation.

This is the locale where Clare, Cynthia and Yuma accidentally run across a search party from the Organization, knock them unconscious,  and then kill an Awakened Being, which tries to escape as a Flying Yoma-like creature. But in the end, the three are discovered by Rubel.[1]

Egged on by Rubel's story of Rafaela and Renee being captured by Riful, the three ex-Claymores journey to Riful's Second Hideout, north of Ticheri.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • "Lacroix," French for "the cross," may refer to the cross-shaped geological formation Clare, Cynthia and Yuma see before traveling over the Toulouse border.
  • "Lacroix" may also allude to French Romantic painter, Eugène Delacroix (1798–1863); considering the possibility that the names of the cities "Toulouse" and "Lautrec" may derive from the French Post-Impressionist painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrex (1864-1901).
  • The VIZ edition of Scene 83 has Rubel incorrectly referring the town as "Rabona."
  • "ラクロア" is transliterated as "Lacroix," pronounced in Japanese as "lac-er-roy."


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