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Isley's Last Stand

Helen and Deneve see the town for the first time.

Unnamed town in Mucha, where Isley of the South is destroyed by Abyss Feeders.


Helen and Deneve journey to Helen's hometown in Mucha, and they save Dietrich's Awakened Being Hunting Party from destruction on the way. Dietrich insists on following Helen and Deneve out of gratitude.

The two try to lose Dietrich, but sense massive Yoki from an unnamed town.[1] Despite Dietrich's warning, Helen and Deneve visit the town anyway, hoping to catch a glance of Isley for a thrill. But Isley sees through their disguise and attacks. Helen and Deneve fight for their lives.

Abyss Feeders interrupt the fight and attack Helen, Deneve and Isley. Dietrich intervenes, telling Helen and Deneve to keep still, or the Feeders will attack them as well. Dietrich, Helen and Deneve escape as the Feeders destroy Isley.[2]

This town is destroyed by Isley and the Abyss Feeders.


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