"Hanel" from Anime Scene 15, "The Witch's Maw (Part 1)"

Town in western region of Lautrec ("Hanel" is first mentioned at beginning of Anime Scene 15, town is unnamed in Manga[1]).

History[edit | edit source]

Clare searches in Hanel for Raki. At a local inn, she discovers that Claymores are in town.

Up from her room, Clare sees four Claymores walking past the inn. The leader, Jean, almost spots her, despite Clare's Yoki-suppressing pills.

Jean leads an Awakened Being Hunting Party to Mount Zakol, site of an abandoned castle—the "Witch's Maw"— and the hideout of Riful of the West, and her consort, Dauf.

The town has a Teresa and Clare statue on display, where Clare is told by a young girl that Raki was in town and asking questions about the statue. Their talk is interrupted when a fatally wounded Claymore, Raquel, reaches town and begs Clare to save the hunting party. Clare journies to Mount Zakol.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Claymore anime episode 15
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