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Half-Awakened Beings are Claymores that have surpassed their limits and have managed to revert back to their human selves, a more accurate description is that it takes more for them to fully awake. However, only five (one deceased) have accomplished this feat.

In the process of becoming a warrior, they receive the flesh of someone close to them. Be that a Yoma that was once a relative or another warrior's flesh, although the later there is only one known case.

Perhaps due to compatibility of flesh or the will of the Yoma or warrior inside that also fights their natures, it postulated the warrior in question to come back to their human-selves even after having surpassed their limits.

A list of Half-Awakened Beings. Where they almost Awakened. Why that happened and how they turned back:

  1. Clare (in the Holy City of Rabona. She uses too much Yoki in a fight against a Yoma and surpasses her limit. Raki manages to convince her that she can revert back).
  2. Miria (in a Awakened Being Hunting Party in an undisclosed location. When she becomes aware that the Awakened Being was a very close friend, Hilda. Ophelia, one the members of the Hunting Party goaded her to Awaken so she could fight Miria, not wanting to 'give Ophelia the satisfaction', Miria managed to suppress her Yoki).
  3. Helen (Enjoyed the pleasurable experience of releasing her yoki)
  4. Deneve (Wanted to test her limits)
  5. Jean (in Hanel. Leading an Awakened Being Hunting Party. Tortured by Riful and Dauf whose goals were to make the Hunting Party members Awaken to form their army. Clare used Yoki Synchronization and in sequence Yoki Manipulation to help Jean revert back when the realized that Jean still maintained a human mind even though her body was fully Awakened - killed by Rigardo).

Jean's body fully Awakaned but she still retained a human mind and, with Clare's help, managed to revert to a human body.


  • These warriors are the noted to be results that the Organization were trying to get. It was stated by Dae that if he had learned about the phenomenon regarding the Half Awakened and dissected and studied the bodies of the Claymores who successfully accomplished these feat, the research to create a truly controllable Awakened Being/Warrior would have succeeded.
  • Miria noted that this gave them occasional hunger pangs. Meaning a Warrior who becomes Half Awakened regains their human appetite.