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Clare arrives the ruins of Gonal.

Gonal is a city from an unknown region near the seacost.[1]


Site of Awakened Being Hunting Party, with Ophelia leading Clare.

Former Single-digit 's Awakened form

Awakened Beings

Town abandoned due to attack by Awakened Being.

After Ophelia discovers that Clare is partially awakened, she torments Clare and Raki by playing cutting off Clare's legs. Ophelia challenges Clare to reattach her legs, before Ophelia kills Raki in a sword contest, which Ophelia would increase her skill level with each passing minute. An Awakened Being attacks. While Ophelia is distracted, Clare escapes with Raki. Ophelia kills the Awakened Being, then pursues Clare. Clare and Raki are forced to split up.

Clare loses her arm to Ophelia, but Irene rescues Clare. Clare is taken to Irene's Hidden Valley, where Irene hid since the death of Teresa.

In Anime, Rubel says Gonal is in the "north." How far and what direction Gonal is from Irene's home is left unclear. The Claymore DS "World Map" shows the Hidden Valley to be in southeast Lautrec.

Behind the Scenes[]

"ゴナール" is transliterated as "Gonāru." Pronounced in Japanese as "go-nar-uh." "Gonar" is the name of coastal towns in Spain, Ethiopia and other locales.


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