Claymore Wiki
Gender Male
Occupation Soldier of Rabona
Family Unknown
Hometown Rabona
Affiliation Holy City of Rabona
Weapon(s) Sword, spear
Status Alive
Manga Chapter 5
Anime Episode 3
Voice Actors
Japanese Kazuma Horie
English Christopher Sabat

Galk is a soldier of the Holy City of Rabona.



A tall, muscular man with short hair. His uniform is the standard Rabonian suit of armor


Initially, Galk appears to dislike Claymores, but his attitude is mild compared to Sid's. He prevents Sid from striking Raki, during Clare's interrogation.[1] His attitude toward Claymores changes after meeting Clare. He is level headed and a skilled soldier.

He appears to be a good leader, as he organizes soldiers into trying various tactics on Agatha.


  • Sid: Galk is close friends with his fellow soldier, Sid. Galk is the older and wiser of the two.


Galk's weapon is a broadsword, which he uses very effectively. After the seven-year time skip, he uses a spear, as his name might suggest.


Meeting with Clare[]

Galk & armor suit

Galk hunting Clare on the roofs of Rabona.

Galk is first seen with Sid, while on night patrol, intercepting then fighting Clare.[2] Later in the Cathedral, after Clare is injured fighting the Yoma, Galk insists she be given medical care. He says that he will not allow Clare die until he settles the debt that was made when Clare saved his life.

During the two days Clare is lying unconscious, Galk advises Raki to have faith she will live.

Clare recovers and meets with the Cathedral staff, trying to find the hidden Yoma. But during the meeting, Clare races to the waiting room, where Raki is trapped with the Yoma. But the Yoma is more powerful than anticipated. Galk and Sid join the fight. Galk shields Clare from a fatal blow with his body, giving her an opening to attack.

Galk is the one who throws the statue to Clare, which contains a surprise for the Yoma.

Galk also gives Raki a sword as a parting gift, which Raki uses later on in the series.[3]

After Seven Years[]

Galk appears again after the Seven Year Time-Skip. Clarice and Miata arrive in Rabona to kill Galatea. Not knowing Clarice's real mission, Galk offers to help out of gratitude to Clare.[4] However, during the assassination attempt, an Awakened Being, Agatha, attacks the city.[5]

Galk leads the charge, organizing the troops as they try different tactics on Agatha. But he becomes confused when Clarice and Miata attack Galatea, who originally lured the Claymores to Rabona to stop Agatha. There is a three-way fight. Galatea, Clarice and Miata are defeated. All looks lost. But the Seven Ghosts, Clare and the other survivors of the Northern Campaign, turn up and save the city. He later shares a drink with Sid and the Ghosts and gives Clare information on Raki. During the Organization backed attack on Rabona, he leads the human soldiers in fighting the yoma.


"Galk" is a transliteration of "Gerke" (ガーク). Sometimes the name is translated as "Gaiku."

"Gerke" is derived from the Old High German element "ger," meaning "spear."


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