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Former Single-digit
Single-Digit's Human Form
Alias None
Gender Female
Symbol Unknown
Rank Between No.2 and No.9 (Former)
Type Unknown
Technique(s) Unknown
Status Awakened/Dead (Killed by Ophelia)
Affiliation The Organization (former)
Family Unknown
Hometown Unknown
Manga Chapter 33
Anime Episode 12
Voice Actors
Japanese Unknown
English Carrie Savage

Former Single-Digit was a female Awakened Being that used to be a single-digit Claymore during her time as an active warrior. She was killed by the No. 4, Ophelia, during the Gonal Hunt.


元一桁ナンバー Moto hito-keta nanbā (Former Single-digit Number). Unnamed by characters.


Initially appears child-like, but her predatory nature is soon evident. She is also overconfident about her abilities, and underestimates both Ophelia and Clare.




The Former Single-digit's awakened form.

A young woman with dark hair and eyes, she wore ragged clothes and leggings, appearing to be a young girl in her early teens.


Her awakened form is a kneeling, elongated, nearly humanoid form. The texture of her body appears squid-like, with multiple tendrils and wing-like arms. Image Gallery

Abilities and Powers[]


From Claymore databook.

  • Yoki: SS+[1]
  • Agility: SS[1]
  • Strength: SS[1]
  • Solidity: S[1]
  • Intellect: SS[1]
Awakened's organization rating 2


Awakened Form[]

As seen from her initial fight against Ophelia and Clare, the Former Single Digit, showed sufficient destructive power and combat experience to hold her own against Claymores and was stated to have been a veteran. She was stated to have enough control over her Awakened Body that she could avoid killing one human despite the destructiveness of her attacks.

  • Tentacle Wings: The Former Single Digit's Awakened Form was shown to primarily fight using the bird like tentacle wings in place of both of her arms when in her awakened form. The Former Single Digit showed that by using these Limbs to their maximum power, she could easily destroy an area as large as a town by grinding and blowing everything away in a 360 degree circular attack. She could also manipulate each of the individual tentacles for combat, as seen where she used them to fight and capture Ophelia and twist her neck.
    • Tentacle Hair: She was also shown to have similar tentacles for hair in her Awakened Form that works the same way as her wings. She was shown to use her hair in her omnidirectional attack as well.

Yoki Sensing[]

The Former Single Digit showed that she could easily detect and sense the Yoki Aura of Claymores. This is seen where after "killing" Ophelia she was able to scan the area to locate Clare after she had fled with Raki to protect him from them and was able to more or less sense their exact location and distance from her. She was also able to measure the overall power of the two and figure out that Clare was weaker than Ophelia and herself by a wide margin.


Early life unknown. During her time as an active warrior, she was a single-digit, but Awakened at some point, and attacked the city of Gonal, leading it to ruins.

Surprise visitor[]

Arrivo della Former Single-Digit

The awakened

Amid ruins of Gonal, the Gonal Hunt collapses into chaos, as Ophelia cuts off Clare's legs. She challenges Clare to reattach them as she fights Raki in sword match. With each passing minute, Ophelia increase her skill level, until Raki is nearly killed.

A young girl appears. Raki warns her away. But she Awakens into her Awakened form. Clare reattaches her legs, but Ophelia throws Raki to Single-digit. She hold down Clare face-down as Raki is about to be eaten. Clare surpasses her limit, seemingly Awakens, escapes Ophelia's grip, and cuts Raki free of the tentacles. While Ophelia is preoccupied with the Single-digit, Clare flees Gonal with Raki.

Ophelia tries to reach Clare, but the Awakened Being catches her and breaks her neck. She thinks Ophelia is dead and casts aside the body. Ophelia then springs to life and decapitates the former Single-digit. Shortly before her death, the Awakened called Ophelia "The real monster".

Behind the Scenes[]

Full name appears only in Yoma War Record, where name refers to the Organization rank range before Awakening. Rubel describes Awakened Being as a "single-digit number".

Her actual name and rank remain ungiven.

Notes and references[]

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