Claymore Wiki
Gender Male
Occupation Man-in-Black
Family Unknown
Hometown Unknown
Affiliation The Organization
Weapon(s) None
Status Alive
Manga Chapter 25
Anime Episode 9
Voice Actors
Japanese Yūichi Nagashima
English Bill Jenkins

Ermita is a member of the Organization, who used to be in charge of Galatea, Ophelia and Miria.


"Ermita" is a transliteration of the Japanese "Erumitāju" (エルミタージュ, pronounced "eru-mi-taa-ju"). The name may be derived from the Hermitage Museum, in St. Petersburg, Russia.


Ermita 3

Ermita wears a large, black cloak and wraps his head and face in what appears to be black bandages, meaning only his eyes are ever seen. His eyes are yellow in color.




Ermita was seen with Ophelia at a time just before Miria became a single digit Claymore. He was observing Miria's progress on her battle with some Yoma and decides that she would be promoted to a single digit rank after the mission. He believed her prowes in team battles exceeded that of a #1 and gave her the title 'Phantom Miria' after seeing her use her Phantom Move. He asked Ophelia why she wasn't participating and remarked that she never changes when she replies she is only interested in Awakened Beings.

Afterward he sends Ophelia and Miria on an Awakened Being hunt and placed Ophelia in charge. It is unknown whether he was aware the Awakened Being was Miria's friend Hilda.

Clare's Time[]

Ermita is first introduced leading Clare and Raki to meet Miria, Helen and Deneve. He leaves them when the Claymores begin to argue amongst themselves. He is later seen sitting in the mountains with Galatea, using her yoki sensing to spy on how the Claymores are doing against the Awakened Being. When Galatea informs him that the Claymores are losing he acts concerned, saying his duty is like a parent watching over their child. Soon after, Galatea tells him she was wrong and they are all alive but he doesn't seem bothered. When asked where his parent-like nature had gone he replied that he would never be the father of a monster.

Ermita is seen again when Clare went missing following her Awakened Being hunt with Ophelia. He is told by Rimuto that Galatea is to be used in the search for Clare.

Seven Years Later[]

Ermita is present at an Organization meeting, remaining silent. It is currently unknown which Claymores he is now in charge of.

Anime and Manga differences[]

  • Galatea refers to him as a "Wily Fox" in the Manga, in the anime, Galatea refers to him as "Old Man".