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Episode 5
Episode 5 Title
Romaji Hohoemi no Teresa
Kana 微笑みのテレサ
English Title Teresa of the Faint Smile
Japan Air Date May 1, 2007
English Air Date October 6, 2008
Episode 5
Opening Song Raison d’être
Ending Song Danzai no Hana~Guilty Sky
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Teresa of the Faint Smile (微笑みのテレサ, Hohoemi no Teresa)is the 5th episode of the Claymore anime series. It first aired on May 1, 2007.


The fifth anime episode of Claymore, adapted from the manga by Norihiro Yagi. The episode was first broadcast on May 1, 2007 and was directed by Hiroyuki Tanaka and produced by Madhouse Studios. It was dubbed by Funimation and released on DVD Volume 1 in 06 October 2008.


A long-haired Claymore is seen killing Yoma in a village and leaves before meeting up with an Organization member named Orsay. He gives her her next target after introducing her as Claymore #1, Teresa. Teresa enters another village and begins to easily slay all the Yoma until only one remains. The final Yoma, in human guise, hides behind a young girl, but Teresa effortlessly kills him as well. The next day, Teresa attempts to leave the village but is stopped by the little girl. Teresa tells the girl that she is not her saviour and kicks her away several times before heading into the forest.

The girl enters the forest behind Teresa and continues to follow her. Teresa commends the girl for keeping up with her, but says she doesn't like to be followed and offers to reunite the girl with her "precious Yoma." However, the two are suddenly attacked by bandits. When one touches the girl, Teresa accidently slices his hand off, thinking he was a Yoma. When she realizes they want to rape her, she reveals her body and taunts them, asking if there are "any takers." Disgusted by what they see, the men quickly leave. The girl continues to follow Teresa despite her best efforts to lose her. When the girl is injured, Teresa decides to take care off her until they reach the next village. She gives her a bath and some of her food in the mean time, but as Teresa watches the girl sleep, she realizes how strong the little girl is. The next morning, Teresa has a hard time calling the girl over by simply shouting "Hey!", so she decides she should name the girl, Eventually, she chooses to name her Clare, after the Teresa and Clare statue.


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