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Episode 23
Anime Episode 23
Romaji Rinkai ten I
Kana 臨界点 I
English Title Critical Point Part 1
Japan Air Date 4 September 2007
English Air Date 25 June 2009
Episode 23
Opening Song Raison d’être
Ending Song Danzai no Hana~Guilty Sky
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Invasion of Pieta Part 2
Critical Point Part 2

Critical Point Part 1 (臨界点 I, Rinkai ten I) is the 23th episode of the Claymore anime series. It first aired on September 4, 2007.


The twenty-third anime episode of Claymore, adapted from the manga by Norihiro Yagi. The episode was first broadcast on September 4, 2007 and was directed by Hiroyuki Tanaka and produced by Madhouse Studios. It was dubbed by Funimation and released on DVD Volume 6 in June 25, 2009.


As Raki travels towards Pieta, the place in which the fray venues - Clare reveals that she only allowed her legs to awaken, granting her a massive increase in speed, in order to keep up with Rigardo's frightening speed. However, her speed is uncontrollable, allowing Rigardo to regain the upper hand in the battle. Rigardo, excited at the prospect of a worthy opponent since Isley had thrashed him, begins to take the fight seriously and enjoy it. Raki arrives, and witnesses the partially awakened Clare. Determined to avenge Jean's ostensible death, Clare releases dangerous amounts of energy, and eventually slashes Rigardo into pieces as Jean regains consciousness.


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