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Episode 2
Anime 2 Title
Romaji Kuro no sho
Kana 黒の書
English Title The Black Card
Japan Air Date April 10, 2007
English Air Date October 6, 2008
Episode 2
Opening Song Raison d’être
Ending Song Danzai no Hana~Guilty Sky
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The Black Card (黒の書, Kuro no sho) is the 2nd episode of the Claymore anime series. It first aired on April 10, 2007.


The second anime episode of Claymore, adapted from the manga by Norihiro Yagi, was first broadcast on April 10, 2007 and was directed by Hiroyuki Tanaka and produced by Madhouse Studios. It was dubbed by Funimation and released on DVD Volume 1 in 06 October 2008.


Clare is seen killing a small number of Yoma in a town, accompanied by Raki. Later that night, Clare wanders off, telling Raki she needs the toilet and he shouldn't follow her. In the woods she meets her handler Rubel, who gives her new clothes and a Black Card. Clare opens it and is shocked by the symbol inside. She heads back to Raki and tells him they are setting off for somewhere new the next day.

Clare leaves Raki at an inn in the town while going on the mission, but Rubel appears before Raki. He tells him that Claymores can begin to be taken over by their Yoma side and, once this occurs, they then have to be killed. Raki panics and chases after Clare, finally catching up to her as she is climbing a mountain. Clare reveals to Raki they are there to kill a Claymore who is passing her Yoki limit and has nearly Awakened. Clare explains they were friends and used to comfort each other when they were being transformed into Claymores. The Claymore appears and has an emotional talk with Clare, who reveals the Claymore's name to be Elena. Clare then cuts her friend in two as Elena apologizes and thanks her for killing her before she Awakens. Afterwards, Elena's claymore is put into the ground to mark her grave.


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