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Episode 19
Anime Episode 19
Romaji Kita no senran II
Kana 北の戦乱 II
English Title The Carnage in the North Part 2
Japan Air Date 7 August 2007
English Air Date 01 May 2009
Episode 19
Opening Song Raison d’être
Ending Song Danzai no Hana~Guilty Sky
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The Carnage in the North Part 2 (北の戦乱 II, Kita no senran II) is the 18th episode of the Claymore anime series. It first aired on July 31, 2007.


The nineteenth anime episode of Claymore, adapted from the manga by Norihiro Yagi. The episode was first broadcast on August 7, 2007 and was directed by Hiroyuki Tanaka and produced by Madhouse Studios. It was dubbed by Funimation and released on DVD Volume 5 in May 1, 2009.


What remains of Undine and Flora's teams attack the turtle-like Awakened Being, but Undine soon tries to attack alone. At first, the creature's Yoki Synchronization technique cannot take control of her because of her great strength, but he soon causes her to lose control by causing her aura to surge. Clare and Deneve barely manage to save her and continue the attack, but they are caught up in the technique in her place. However, to counter it, the two intentionally unleash their Yoki and surpass their limits.

Meanwhile, Jean and Veronica's teams are still fighting the other Awakened Being. Helen, Veronica, and Cynthia try to weaken him in order to buy time for Jean to prepare her Drill Sword, but they are wounded. Eventually, however, Jean is ready, and while Helen stops the Awakened Being's movements with her extendable arms, the No. 9 destroys his limbs with her technique. Cynthia and Veronica then finish him off.

Thanks to intentionally surpassing their limits, Clare and Deneve do not Awaken, shocking the Awakened Being before them. They then resume their attack, with Deneve eventually hacking partway through the monster's neck, but she is not strong enough to finish him. Undine appears and assists with her strength, and the two decapitate the Awakened Being. Before dying, the creature takes control of two weaker warriors and tries to make them kill each other, but Clare and Flora end him once and for all with the Quicksword and Windcutter techniques. The five teams defeat the three Awakened Beings. Some of them suffer serious wounds, but there are no casualties. Undine vehemently comments on Miria's barmy decision to put the weaker warriors in direct combat, but Flora replies that the decision has now given every warrior experience with handling Awakened Beings. Afterwards, everyone splits up to begin recuperating and preparing for the subsequent battles.

In another area, Raki is shown wandering in the ruins of a town already destroyed by Yoma. There, he meets a young girl, who is later revealed as Priscilla. Priscilla takes a sudden liking to him, and Isley, Priscilla's caretaker, invites Raki to accompany them.


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