Alias: Unknown
Claymore Stats
Gender: Female
Symbol: Unknown
Rank: 5 (Former)
Type: Unknown
Technique(s): Beautiful Sword Technique
Fate / Status: Dead
Background / Alliance Information
Affiliation: The Organization (Former)
Hometown: Unknown
First Appearances
Manga: Scene 117
Anime: N/A
Other Information
Jap. Voice: N/A
En. Voice: N/A

Elizabeth was Claymore No. 5 of Cassandra's generation. She was known for her "beautiful" sword technique, which was later copied by Roxanne.[1]


"Elizabeth" is a feminine proper name, Biblical name of the wife of Aaron, from the Late Latin Elisabeth, from the Greek Ἐλισάβετ, from the Hebrew אלישבע, meaning "God is an oath." The name Elizabeth could also be formed by Eliza + Beth


Elizabeth had long, straight, pale hair tied into a ponytail. She had short bangs with longer locks on either side, framing her face. She had silver eyes and wore the standard Claymore uniform.

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Abilities and PowersEdit

Elizabeth utilized a unique sword technique, which was described by other warriors as being "beautiful".[1]


Elizabeth was the leader of Roxanne's first Awakened Being Hunting Party. She died shortly after her technique had been stolen by Roxanne, who later went on to assume her No. 5 ranking.


Roxanne Edit

Roxanne befriended Elizabeth during an Awakened Being Hunting Party. Shortly after Elizabeth's death, Roxanne mastered her 'beautiful technique' and was promoted to No. 5. It was unknown if Roxanne had an involvement with Elizabeth's death.


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