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Elegance is considered to be the "most beautiful technique of all warriors," thus earning her the title "Hysteria the Elegant."[1] Hysteria (the Organization's former No. 1) is the creator of this technique.


According to Miria, Hysteria's technique is similar to her Phantom Mirage, requiring a large burst of yoki to greatly increase speed. It is an offensive technique as it involves stepping forward, slipping past an opponent's side, and then moving behind them in order to strike. The proximity of the after-image is such that it appears as if the user had slipped through her opponent's body.

Elegance and Phantom Mirage[]

The difference between the two techniques lies in the very nature of their usage—Miria uses her technique to get some distance from her opponent while Hysteria uses hers to get in close. Miria also states that though the speed of both techniques is roughly the same, the precision of Hysteria's movements is on an entirely different level.


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