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Cassandra 9

Cassandra showing the full potential of her technique

Dust Eater is a technique invented by Cassandra (the Organization's former No. 1), earning her the title "Cassandra the Dust Eater."[1] It is considered to be a strange and warped technique by the Organization, other warriors, and Cassandra herself.[2]

Cassandra said that she "came up with on the spur of the moment to save her friends and classmates but in the end, the strange nature of that technique caused these friends to keep a distance".[2]


Dust Eater requires anchoring both feet to the ground and then moving the user's head like a pendulum. Then, using centrifugal force, the body is swung very close to the ground and then at an awkward angle in order to take the target completely off guard. The user would immobilize the target by first aiming for the legs, and then the arms, making the target harmless and easy to finish off. It is one of the few special attacks that a Claymore has performed before and after their awakening.[1]


Cassandra's face during the Dust Eater technique.


Cassandra's head in the Pendulum motion.


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