Claymore Manga Chapter 9
Cover 9
Japanese title まほろばの闇 V
Romanized title Mahoroba no Yami V
English title Darkness in Paradise, Part 5
Volume 2
Chapter 9
Release date unknown
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The ninth chapter of Claymore by Norihiro Yagi, first published in the May 2001 issue of Shonen Jump.

Short SynopsisEdit

The Yoma emerges from the tomb before a bewildered Raki. Clare arrives just in time before he is ripped to pieces. Galk and Sid soon join the battle, though it is clear that they are outmatched. Though they manage to land a few hits, none are powerful enough to do any potent damage and the Yoma even managed to steal a sword. Meanwhile, Raki stays on the sidelines, insisting that he has to give the statue he carried into Rabona to Clare. Galk throws it at her and it meets with the Yoma's sword. The monster ails to cut all the way through but makes the statue shatter, revealing Clare's claymore hidden within.

Detailed SynopsisEdit

Saving RakiEdit

Raki is shocked to see the Yoma emerge behind him, and it bats him into a wall. A knife suddenly appears in the creature's arm. Clare races in to defend Raki, telling him to flee, but he refuses to do so as the Yoma attacks both of them. Raki is only saved when Galk blocks the Yoma with his sword, and Sid distracts it with throwing knives. Sid tells Clare that they willing to die defending their city and that Clare should live to protect Raki.

Final Fight BeginsEdit

All three fighters attack the Yoma together. The Yoma blocks Clare's knife with a hand and knocks Galk down, grabbing his sword. He calls Clare a pathetic half-breed and gloats over his disguise as the mummified corpse, attacking Clare. Galk stops Raki from going to help Clare, but bemusedly agrees to throw her the antique statue. As Clare's remaining knife is shattered by the Yoma's sword, she catches the statue. The sword goes half-way through the statue and stops, as the stone breaks, revealing Clare's claymore sword. She comments that the monster hunt has begun for real.

Introduced CharactersEdit