Claymore Manga Chapter 8
Scene 8
Japanese title まほろばの闇 IV
Romanized title Mahoroba no Yami IV
English title Darkness in Paradise, Part 4
Volume 2
Chapter 8
Release date unknown
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The eighth chapter of Claymore by Norihiro Yagi, first published in the May 2001 issue of Shonen Jump.

Short SynopsisEdit

Every priest and soldier in Rabona Cathedral is summoned to the great hall at Clare's behest. The plan is that, since she is weakened, she will need the soldiers' help. Once the Yoma is detected, the soldiers and Clare will slay it. One by one, the priests are inspected by Clare, despite their protests. To her astonishment, Clare does not find the Yoma among the priests. She is confused until it finally hits her; a Yoma can inhabit a corpse like the mummies in the baptismal chambers where Raki is left alone.

Detailed SynopsisEdit

The Inspection Edit

The Cathedral priests, without knowing what's happening, assemble in the great hall. They are shocked to see the room filled with guards, and become even more shocked when Father Vincent announces that Clare will be searching among them for the Yoma. Their protests are only quelled by the threat of the armed guards. Clare stares into the eyes of the priests in turn, but pronounces them to be human.

Galk and SidEdit

During the inspection, Galk mentions to Father Vincent that Raki is safely in the baptismal chamber upstairs and that the guards are cooperating in memory of their dead comrade. Sid complains about taking orders from Clare, exclaiming that Clare is crazy for asking them to kill her along with the Yoma by spearing them both as she holds it. Although she has healed over two days, Clare's wounds making it too risky to fight the Yoma in any other way.


After inspecting the most senior bishop, and finally Father Vincent himself, Clare has not found the Yoma, and the priests become angry. Trying desperately to think what she missed, Clare realizes that the Yoma could transform into a corpse rather than a living human. In the baptismal chamber, Raki loafs around and accidentally fall into the coffin holding a mummified priest. As he picks himself up, worrying about Clare, the corpse rises up behind him and transforms into the Yoma.


Introduced CharactersEdit