Claymore Manga Chapter 25
C25 cover
Japanese title 斬り裂く者たち Ⅰ
Romanized title Kirisakumono-tachi I
English title The Slashers, Part 1
Volume 5
Chapter 25
Release date unknown
Chapter Chronology
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The 25th chapter of Claymore by Norihiro Yagi, first published in the May 2001 issue of Shonen Jump.

Short SynopsisEdit

A group of three Claymores arrives at a town where an apparent Voracious Eater is lurking. However, they find that it is only a group of Yoma and that Clare has already taken care of them, disobeying her orders in the process. That night, Rubel meets with Clare and tells her that she would not stand a chance against a real "Voracious Eater," otherwise known as an Awakened Being. However, he does assign her to an Awakened Being hunt with a group of other Claymores. When she arrives in town, she is confronted with the three other team members. One immediately starts taunting her about the presence of Raki but another, the same Claymore who was in the team that Clare defected from, stops the confrontation. This Claymore introduces herself as Miria and the other two are Helen and Deneve. When Clare tells them that she is Number 47, Helen bursts out laughing; Number 47 is the weakest rank out of the Claymores.

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