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A Claymore.

Claymores are the titular characters of the series. Named after the Great swords they wield, they are half-human, half-Yoma hybrid warriors of the Organization. Normally, Claymores don't call each other by the name "Claymore"; instead, the humans gave them this name, alternatively referring to them as "silver-eyed witches/slayers."[1]


"Claymore" is a transliteration of the Japanese series title, "Kureimoa" (クレイモア, pronounced "kray-mor"). "Claymore" is derived from the Scottish-Gaelic claidheamh mór, meaning "great sword." Claidheamh mór can be pronounced "cleiv-more."

The term "Claymore" is only used by civilians to refer to human-Yoma hybrid warriors and the organization they serve. In fact, the Organization has no name.[2] Claymores usually refer to themselves and each other as "warriors" or "comrades."[3]


Claymores generally outclass ordinary Yoma, despite being only half-Yoma themselves. In particular, Claymores are far faster than most Yoma, moving before the Yoma can react.[2] Even Clare, the weakest Claymore (at the time), dispatched five Yoma at once with minimal effort.[4] Claymores receive extensive combat training from the Organization, and a dangerous final exam ensures that only the most competent trainees become fully-fledged warriors.[5]

Standard Claymore abilities include heightened physical strength, speed, durability and regeneration, limited shapeshifting and the ability to detect Yoma and other Claymores by sensing their Yoki. To further enhance these abilities, they access the powers of their Yoma half, releasing their Yoki. In most cases, a Claymore will lose her human mind and become a super-predator called an Awakened Being if the amount of Yoki she releases exceeds a certain limit. This process is known as "Awakening". However, there are exceptions to this rule and certain Claymores are able to temporarily go over their limits and then revert back to their original forms. Unfortunately, all Claymores will eventually succumb to their Yoma sides and Awaken due to the extreme toll that Yoki release has on the human mind and spirit. To, hopefully, prevent this from happening, a Claymore will send a black card marked with her personal symbol to another Claymore of her choice, usually a trusted friend, when her Awakening draws near so that she can die as a human before the process is completed and she becomes an Awakened Being. Presumably. the Organization taught this to warriors in order to save unnecessary bloodshed from having a powerful and troublesome yoma on the loose.

Biology, appearance and characteristics[]


All current Claymores are female. Originally, male warriors were also created. The Organization had no qualms over their strength, but they were found to be more prone to awakening due to their inability to resist the urge, as the Awakening process brings sensations akin to sexual pleasure.

The Organization takes in young girls, typically orphans, abandoned children, and survivors of Yoma attacks - though they may also purchase them from their families or villages if they possess a desirable quality - and embed Yoma flesh and blood into their bodies through an incision made from the throat to the mons pubis. This incision never heals. The incision is held together through a series of stitches throughout the life of the claymore. The transformation is extremely painful, as long as the transplant does not adapt to the human body. Side effects include loss of pigment in the hair, skin and eyes, resulting in all Claymores having silver eyes, pale unblemished skin and light to silvery blonde hair. A few also develop pointed, elf-like ears. It may also be possible that hair growth is stemmed after the creation of a claymore, as suggested in chapter 77.2 (volume 14) where Clare has her hair intentionally cut off in order to slay a yoma with her hair resembling her modern appearance afterward, although Irene's hair seemed longer after her desertion from the Organization.

The only known exception is Clare, who took Teresa's flesh and blood inside her in order to become a Claymore and take revenge on Priscilla. Thus, many Claymores have a personal vendetta against Yoma and throughout the series, stories are told of the horrors experienced by these young survivors, most notably Deneve and Priscilla. Some, such as in the cases of Clare and Ophelia, seek revenge against specific Yoma or Awakened Beings.

Appearance/Physical Traits[]

Claymores tend to be slender, elegant, shapely, and taller than average, with most females being around mid/late teens to early/mid twenties and 170 to 180 cm (approximately 5 ft 6 in to 5 ft 11 in) in height (from Claymore Databooks 1, 2, and 3). They appear fully human, save for their silver eyes, fairly pale skin and unusually light-colored hair. Certain individuals may have elf-like ears, such as Irene, Ophelia, Queenie and Cassandra. The most common hair colors are varying shades of blonde or very light brown; silvery-white is also occasionally seen. Some like Clarice may retain noticeable traces of their natural hair color; however, this is due to faulty hybridization, which also results in a lack of power. These individuals are considered "failed creations," and thus, darker hair is looked down upon.

Claymores can survive on minimal amounts of food, needing only to consume a very small portion once every couple of days, and can easily go a week without water or nourishment. This loss of appetite appears to be a result of taking in Yoma flesh; Yoma are capable of staving off hunger for up to two weeks on end.

Upon reaching adulthood, Claymores cease to age, maintaining lifelong youth.

Stigma 2

Clare's stigma

A Claymore's upper body also bears a stigma, a hideous deformation appearing as a vertical incision extending from the neck all the way down to the groin. Although Claymores have extraordinary regenerative abilities, this particular wound does not heal, and can only be crudely sewn shut to prevent organs from spilling out. Deneve explains that numerous other methods have been proposed, but all have proven futile.[6] The area where the stigma is present may be a weak spot, as Yoma and Awakened Beings seem to aim for the belly when attacking, and in the latter's case, use it as a torture hot-spot. Humans typically find the stigma frightening; early in the "Teresa of the Faint Smile" arc, Teresa scares away a gang of rapacious bandits by exposing the front of her torso,[7] but Clare later hugs the stigma to show her love for Teresa.[8]

Awakened Beings do not appear to bear stigmas.


Claymores receive extensive training from the Organization before becoming warriors. They are generally implanted with Yoma flesh as young girls (as teens or preteens), and train for at least a year. They initially train with ordinary (lighter) swords,[5] before moving on to using "practice Claymores" (which are blunted to avoid injury).[9]

Claymores are also trained in other skills, including covert operations. Although most Claymores are naturally cold, brusque, and somewhat inhuman, they can pretend to be ordinary women (e.g. aristocrats or prostitutes) when necessary.[10]

Eventually, trainees are subjected to a final exam. Trainees are told that the test is a group fight between two teams of five, and that members of the winning team will be promoted to warriors. However, a Yoma is secretly released in the testing area; the true test is to kill the Yoma. The test has a high fatality rate; during Clare's test, seemingly only two out of ten trainees survived.[5]


Claymores' eyes are the most prominent trait that sets them apart from regular humans. The irises are typically silver in color (Claymores are sometimes called "silver-eyed witches") and maintain the normal round pupils of human eyes. When at least 10% of a Claymore's yoki is released, the color shifts to gold and the pupils take on the vertical-slit shape characteristic of Yoma.[1][2] Yoki suppression pills are used to temporarily achieve a natural eye color when disguising among humans.[10]


Claymores wear a very simple uniform consisting of a plain long sleeved shirt and pants. It consists of a white (iron grey during the male period) garments, with a mock-neck dickie marked with the Claymore's symbol near the base of the throat. Over top of this, several pieces of plate armor are worn: shin-high, slightly heeled metal boots (sabatons), large wrist-guards (vambraces), shoulder pieces (pauldrons) and a partial skirt (fauld). Finally, they wear a short white cape, though the Male version of the uniform does not have this feature.

Certain Claymores may have modifications to their overall uniform to help compensate for unique abilities. Helen, for example, has arm coverings that are made out of a special black material to allow her ease of limb extension. Alicia and Beth both wear completely black uniforms of the same material, saving the Organization the trouble of having to constantly make new uniforms for them whenever they need to Awaken.


When a Claymore is deemed ready by the Organization, she is given a rank and symbol. Each Claymore's symbol is unique and serves as an identification marker. It appears in white on their uniform at the base of the throat (though not present in the older uniforms from Isley's time), and in red on the Black Card and the forte of the sword.


Despite protecting humans, Claymores are usually feared and shunned due to their incredible powers, their relation to Yoma, and their typically aloof attitudes. Humans often refer to them "silver-eyed witches/slayers" or "monsters."[2] Family members of individuals impersonated by Yoma tend to be banished from villages out of fear that they might be Yoma too, as experienced by Raki and Clare.[11] Claymores are often young girls who suffered this fate or are survivors of villages and towns wiped out by Yoma.

Due to their background, Yoma blood, training, social isolation and harsh lives, Claymores tend to be outwardly cold and emotionless. Claymores live unhappy, lonely lives due to their solitary lifestyle and an inability to enjoy ordinary human pleasures such as food.[12] Some become hot-tempered and aggressive, like Helen or Undine; some suffer from psychological problems and mental instability, most often due to emotional trauma, like Miata; and others, like Ophelia, become homicidal killers who enjoy taking any form of life, more savage than the Yoma they hunt. Generally, companionship with humans is avoided.

Claymores characteristically sleep and rest sitting up, leaning against their swords. Teresa was unable to sleep in a bed.[12]

Claymores take orders from their black-clothed agents, who in turn appear to take orders from a small council of older males.[2] These agents assign missions to Claymores, collect payment for completed tasks, provide necessary equipment,[10] and deliver Black Cards.[13] In essence, the agents handle all aspects of the Organization's operations except for fighting Yoma or Awakened Beings, allowing Claymores to focus entirely on combat.

When a Claymore dies, her sword is used as her grave-marker.[13]


Main article: Abilities of the Yoma body and its Yoki

Claymore warriors possess physical strength, agility, and reflexes far greater than that of an average human being, allowing them to wield their exceedingly heavy claymore swords as both single-handed and two-handed weapons easily, move incredibly fast and perform acrobatic maneuvers with perfect grace.

In addition to this, Claymores possess vast regenerative capabilities and resilience, allowing them to survive injuries like evisceration and multiple stabs to the torso, both of which are fatal if sustained by a human. Any wound that does not kill them usually heals over completely within hours. Defensive-type Claymores, such as Deneve, can even regenerate entire limbs within minutes. These abilities, combined with their intelligence, combat training and weaponry, allow Claymores to fight on par with most Yoma.

Claymores require far less food, water and sleep to survive than normal humans do. They need only consume a small portion once every few days and if required, can go for over a week without any, and usually rest by sticking their swords into the ground and leaning against them rather than lying down as it seems to be the only "comfortable" way they can rest. They are also capable of break down toxins like alcohol at will to avoid drunkenness and, conversely, allow them into their system if they wish to do so. Since Claymores ceased to age once they're matured and never presented any signs of illness or disease, they are biologically immortal by natural causes.[14]

Aside from their physical prowess, perhaps the most well-known ability possessed by Claymores (and the one for which they are most prized by their clients) is their ability to detect the presence of Yoma, even those in human form. This is achieved through the sensing of Yoki, or Yoma energy.

The extent of a Claymore's Yoki-sensing ability is dependent on the individual's skill; specialized Claymores like Galatea, Tabitha and Renee can detect the aura of Yoma from as far as several miles away. In Galatea's case, she can also read others' emotions from that distance as if she were right next to them. A refined form of sensing, utilized by Teresa and Clare, allow certain Claymores to be able to predict the movements of Yoma and other warriors to the point of being able to dodge attacks even before they have been fully executed.

A Claymore's abilities depend on control of Yoki flow to specific parts of the body. Most Claymores use their Yoki to gain strength, speed, and faster healing. At a 10% release, the eyes shift to gold and become cat-like; at 30%, the face distorts also gaining sharp teeth; at 50%, the body distorts, more muscular and color changes; at 80%, the body begins to Awaken and the human mind is overpowered, succumbing to predatory instinct and loss of self-awareness. Despite the theoretical limit being 80%, there have been cases of Claymores surpassing this percentage and successfully reverting back to their human forms; this is known as "partial-Awakening," which causes a permanent increased power and occasional pangs of hunger (Helena initially attributed it to supplementing her excessive Yoki use). It is also possible to temporarily Awaken parts of the body, such as the limbs, instead of the entire body without going over the limit; however, this has been shown to be dangerous and can result in a full Awakening if improperly controlled. Higher-ranking Claymores usually show far greater control of their Yoki, often displaying unique abilities or techniques.


Claymores are given ranks in correspondence to their overall power: Claymore No. 1 is the strongest, while No. 47 is the weakest (and receives a corresponding lack of respect). The number of official Claymores at any time is 47, the number of districts their island home is divided into.


Claymores seem to go by only their first names, with some having nicknames due to a personality trait ("Teresa of the Faint Smile," "Roxanne of Love and Hate"), appearance ("Alicia the Black,"), exceptional physical ability ("Muscular Sophia," "Stormwind Noel," "God's Eye Galatea"), fighting style ("Twin Sword Undine," "Winged Anastasia," "Cassandra the Dust Eater") or special technique ("Quicksword Irene," "Phantom Miria," "Windcutter Flora," "Hysteria the Elegant"). In the "Endless Gravestones" arc, Ophelia expresses a desire to have her own nickname ("Rippling Ophelia"), although she was unknowingly dubbed the "Blood Smeared Wicked Witch" by her peers.

Claymore names alone are striking:

Here is a full list of the Claymore epithets (nicknames) which have appeared in the series so far:

  • "Teresa of the Faint Smile"
  • "Quicksword Irene"
  • "Muscular Sophia"
  • "Stormwind Noel"
  • "Phantom Miria"
  • "Rippling Ophelia" (unofficial, coined by Ophelia herself); "Blood Smeared Wicked Witch" (official)
  • "God's Eye Galatea"
  • "Windcutter Flora"
  • "Twin Sword Undine"
  • "Alicia/Beth the Black"
  • "Winged Anastasia"
  • "Tracker Dietrich"
  • "Red Wall Violet"
  • "Sand Cloud Abigail"
  • "Beheader Letitia"
  • "Hysteria the Elegant"
  • "Roxanne of Love and Hate"
  • "Cassandra the Dust-Eater"
  • "Sistina the Divine Oracle"
  • "Universal Lutecia"
  • "Heavy-Bladed Chloe"
  • "Three-Armed Licht"
  • "Empress Riful of the West"
  • "Isley the White-Silver King"
  • "Rigaldo the Silver-Eyed Lion King"
  • "Priscilla, the One-Horned Monster"
  • "Fresh Blood Agatha"
  • "Europa the Lazy"
  • "Wild Horse Octavia"
  • "Drill Sword Jean"
  • "Shadow Hunter Nina"
  • "Blood Eye (or Soul Link) Miata"

Combat Types[]

There are two main combat types: "defensive" and "offensive." These are qualities inherent to an individual Claymore, not techniques that can be learned. The determination of combat style comes from one's approach to confrontation, either by "protecting oneself in order to survive," or by "killing or defeating the opponent in order to survive." The stronger the desire to live, the more likely the combat style will be defensive. Conversely, a Claymore who most desires destruction of the enemy will more likely be an offensive fighter.

A third, less common typing is "special," only seen in Alicia and Beth, who make extensive use of the Soul Link ability. [15]

Defensive Type[]

While not as physically strong as offensive fighters, defensive types possess remarkable self-healing abilities, and can regrow limbs of equal strength to the originals. Galatea, Veronica, Cynthia, Deneve and Yuma are of this type. Deneve, in particular, is an extreme example of a defensive type Claymore; she is able to regenerate lost limbs and heal from non-fatal injuries within minutes, even during a fight.

While defensive types can heal more quickly and from more serious wounds than their offensive counterparts, certain injuries can still be fatal or remain permanent if left unattended. Galatea, for instance, cannot regain her eyesight due to the seven years that had passed since she blinded herself. Healing also stems from the Claymore's individual skill, thus, unskilled defensive types such as Yuma are unable to regenerate much faster than offensive types without outside assistance.

In the case of Awakened Beings, some individuals can regenerate almost instantaneously.


Offensive types are capable of more powerful attacks than defensive types, but at the cost of significantly reduced regenerative ability. Clare, Ophelia, Rafaela and Irene are examples.

Offensive types are typically much slower and weaker to recover from serious injuries than defensive types, and regenerated limbs are only equivalent in power to those of normal humans. However, they can reattach recently severed limbs, including those of another Claymore.

In spite of their limited healing capabilities, offensive types are still able to survive some injuries that would kill a normal human being. The degree of healing depends on the severity of injury and the individual Claymore's Yoki control. For instance, during Clare's first Awakened Being Hunt, she is stabbed several times in the torso, Miria suffers internal wounds, and Helen had her back sliced open, but all eventually recover. In Jean's case, however, the hole in her abdomen from the fight with Rigardo couldn't be closed due to its size and severity, resulting in her eventual death.

In the case of Awakened Beings, those who are offensive types may still be able to regenerate body parts, but typically at a much slower rate. Dauf and Rigardo are such examples. There are exceptions, though. The Abyssal Ones and Priscilla, despite being offensive types, possess regenerative abilities surpassing those of weaker defensive types.

List of Claymores[]

Claymore rank is based on strength and ability. They can obtain higher ranks as they become stronger, but when surpassed by others, their rank is lowered. Claymores are known to belong to different "generations," marking the time they joined the Organization, but not all the Claymores who are active at the same time necessarily belong to the same generation.

The "After Seven-Year Timeskip" refers to the time period after the survivors of the Northern Campaign return south.

As o the end of the Manga there are at least 94 named claymores.

Image Character Symbol Rank Status After Seven-Year Timeskip
224px-Isley profile Isley IsleySymbol No. 1 Awakened/Dead (Killed by Abyss Feeders)
Riful Riful No. 1 Awakened/Dead (Killed by Priscilla)
Unknown Claymore template Licht No. 1 Dead
Unknown Claymore template Chloe No. 1 Dead
Unknown Claymore template Sistina No. 1 Dead
Unknown Claymore template Lutecia No. 1 Dead
Cassandra Profile Cassandra CassandraSymbol No. 1 Awakened/Resurrected/Dead
  • First Death: Killed by Roxanne and other Claymores
  • Second Death: Killed by Priscilla
  • Third Death: Killed by Teresa
RoxanneSymbol No. 1
No. 2
  • First Death: Unknown
  • Second Death: Killed by Cassandra
Lucielalt2 Luciela Luciela's Symbol No. 1 Awakened/Dead (Killed by Priscilla)
Hysteria22 Hysteria HysteriaSymbol No. 1 Awakened/Dead (Killed by Priscilla)
Rosemary Rosemary Rosemaryrank No. 4
No. 2
No. 1
Awakened/Dead (Killed by Teresa)
Claymoreuniformexample Teresa Teresarank Single Digit
No. 1
Alive (through Clare's body)
1000px-Alicia Alicia Aliciarank No. 1 Awakened/Dead (Killed by Priscilla)
Rigaldo standing Rigardo RigardoSymbol No. 2 Awakened/Dead (Killed by Clare)
Agatha(1)-0 Agatha No. 2 Awakened/Dead (Killed by Clare)
Octavia image Octavia No. 2 Awakened/Dead (Killed by Priscilla)
Rafaela1 Rafaela Rafaelarank <No. 2
No. 5
Awakened/Dead (Killed by Priscilla)
Priscilla As A Claymore Priscilla Priscillarank No. 2 Awakened/Dead (Killed by Teresa)
Irene(4) Irene Irenerank No. 2
No. 3
Alive/Deserted (Member of Teresa's Hunting Party)
Beth Beth Bethrank No. 2 Awakened/Dead (Killed by Priscilla)
Unknown Claymore template 3 Alexandra No. 2 Awakened/Dead (Killed by Teresa)
Unknown Claymore template 3 Alice/Galatice "The Oracle" No. 2 Awakened/Dead (Killed by Alexandra)
DUFF Dauf Unknown No. 2 Awakened/Dead (Killed by Priscilla)
Sophia Anime Sophia Sophiarank No. 3
No. 4
Dead (Killed by Priscilla);(Member of Teresa's Hunting Party)
Europa immagine Europa "The Lazy" unknown No. 3
No. 5
Awakened/Dead (Killed by Miata)
Galatea 2 Galatea Galatearank No. 3 Alive/Deserted
Audreypic Audrey Audreyrank No. 3 Alive/Deserted
Unknown Claymore template 3 Christine Unknown No. 3 Dead/killed by Hysteria
Chronos Chronos Unknown No. 4 Awakened/Dead (Killed by Priscilla)
Elizabeth Elizabeth Unknown No. 5 Dead (Unknown Causes)
Noel. Noel Noelrank No. 4
No. 5
Dead (Killed by Priscilla);(Member of Teresa's Hunting Party)
Ophelia. Ophelia Opheliarank No. 4 Awakened/Dead (Killed by Clare)
Miata 2 Miata Miatarank No. 4 Alive/Deserted
Unknown Claymore template 3 Elda Unknown No. 5
No. 6
-Rachel Rachel Rachelrank No. 5 Alive/Deserted
Lars Lars Unknown No. 6 Awakened/Dead (Killed by Cassandra)
Hilda Hilda Hildarank No. 6 Awakened/Dead (Killed by Miria)
Miria(4) Miria Miriarank No. 6
No. 8
Alive/Deserted (Survivor of the Northern Campaign; Leader of the Seven Ghosts)
Renee Renee Reneerank No. 6 Dead
Untitled-0 Eva Eva's Symbol No. 7 Dead (Killed in the North before the Northern Campaign)
Anastasia 4 Anastasia Anastasia's Symbol No. 7 Alive/Deserted
Flora Flora Florarank-0 No. 8 Dead (Killed by Rigardo)
Dietrich images4 Dietrich Dietrichrank No. 8 Alive/Deserted
Neideen Neideen Unknown No. 9 Dead (Killed by an Awakened Being)
Jean1 Jean Jeanrank No. 9 Dead (Sacrificed herself to Clare)
Nina Nina Nina's Symbol No. 9 Alive/Deserted
3287 Former Single-digit Single-Digit Awakened/Dead (Killed by Ophelia)
Raftela Raftela Raftela2 No. 10 Alive/Deserted
Undine1 Undine Undinerank No. 11 Dead (Killed by Rigardo)
Violet Violet VioletSymbol No. 11 Alive/Deserted
Abigail No.12 Abigail Simbolo Abigail No. 12 Alive/Deserted
Veronica1 Veronica Veronicarank No. 13 Dead (Killed by Rigardo)
Letizia immagine provvisoria Letitia Unknown No. 13 Alive/Deserted
Cynthia14-0 Cynthia Cynthiarank No. 14 Alive/Deserted (Survivor of the Northern Campaign)
Lina No.14 Lina Claymore14rank No. 14 Alive/Deserted (Member of Search Party for Renee)
71353-452784 deneveepisode9 Deneve Deneverank No. 15 Alive/Deserted (Survivor of the Northern Campaign)
Nike Nike Nikerank No. 15 Alive/Deserted (Member of Anastasia's Hunting Party)
Tesla No.16 Tesla TeslaSymbol No. 16 Alive/Deserted
Eliza2-0 Eliza Eliza's Symbol No. 17 Dead (Killed in the Northern Campaign)
421px-Lily Lily Lily's Symbol No. 18 Dead (Killed in the Northern Campaign)
Clarissa No.18 Clarissa Simbolo Clarissa No. 18 Alive/Deserted
Dominique No.19 Dominique Unknown No. 19 Alive/Deserted
Queenie Anime Queenie Queenie's Symbol No. 20 Dead (Killed in the Northern Campaign)
Helen's image 3 Helen Helenrank
No. 22
Alive/Deserted (Survivor of the Northern Campaign)
Noma No.22 Noma Unknown No. 22 Alive/Deserted (Member of Search Party for Renee)
Zelda-claymore-70789 Zelda Zelda's Symbol No. 24 Dead (Killed in the Northern Campaign)
Minerva No.24 Minerva Unknown No. 24 Alive/Deserted
228px-Emelia-0 Emelia Emelia's Symbol No. 27 Dead (Killed in the Northern Campaign)
Wendy-0 Wendy Wendy's Symbol No. 30 Dead (Killed in the Northern Campaign)
Unknown Claymore template 3 Unknown Unknown No. 28 Alive/Deserted (Member of Dietrich's Hunting Party)
Uranus Uranus Uranus Symbol No. 31 Dead (Killed by an Awakened Being)
Tabitha Profile Tabitha Tabitha's Symbol No. 31 Deserted/Dead (Killed by Priscilla)
Phina thumb Phina Unknown No. 31 or 38 Alive/Deserted (Member of Anastasia's Hunting Party)
Keira Keira Unknown No. 31 or 38 Alive/Deserted (Member of Anastasia's Hunting Party)
Katea Katea Unknown No. 32 Awakened/Dead (Killed by Dauf)
Pamela Pamela Pamela's Symbol No. 35 Dead (Killed in the Northern Campaign)
Cassandra's friend Cassandra's Friend CassandrasFriendSymbol No. 35 Dead
Unknown Claymore template 3 Unknown Unknown No. 35 Alive/Deserted (Member of Dietrich's Hunting Party)
Claudia-anime Claudia Claudia's Symbol No. 36 Dead (Killed in the Northern Campaign)
Natalia Natalie Natalie's Symbol No. 37 Dead (Killed in the Northern Campaign)
Karla-0 Karla Karlarank No. 39 Dead (Killed in the Northern Campaign)
Claymore-yuma-official 812 Yuma Yumarank No. 40 Alive/Deserted (Survivor of the Northern Campaign)
Matilda's portrait Matilda Matilda's Symbol No. 41 Dead (Killed in the Northern Campaign)
Unknown Claymore template 3 Unknown Unknown No. 42 Alive/Organization (Member of Dietrich's Hunting Party)
Juliana-claymore-70812 Juliana Juliana's Symbol No. 43 Dead (Killed in the Northern Campaign)
Diana-claymore-70813 Diana Diana's Symbol No. 44 Dead (Killed in the Northern Campaign)
Elena Elena Elenarank-0 No. 46 Dead (Killed by Clare)
Clare Profile Clare Clarerank No. 47 Alive/Deserted (Survivor of the Northern Campaign)
CLARICE-3 Clarice Claricerank No. 47 Deserted/Dead
Guerriera sconosciuta della squadra di Jean ridotta in fin di vita da Duff prima di morire anime-0 Unknown Unknown nknown Dead (Killed by Dauf)
Raquel Raquel RaquelSymbol Unknown Dead (Killed by Dauf)
Unknown Claymore template 3 Kate Unknown Unknown Dead (Killed in the North before the Northern Campaign)
Unknown Claymore template 3 Lucia Unknown Unknown Dead (Killed in the North before the Northern Campaign)
Unknown Claymore template 3 Undine's Friend Unknownrank6 Unknown Dead
Unknownclaymore1 Unknown Unknownrank No.??? Unknown (Member of Teresa's Execution Squad)
Unknownclaymore2 Unknown Unknownrank2 No.??? Unknown (Member of Teresa's Execution Squad)
Unknownclaymore3 Unknown Unknownrank3 No.??? Unknown (Member of Teresa's Execution Squad)
Unknownclaymore4 Unknown Unknownrank4 No.??? Unknown (Member of Teresa's Execution Squad)
Unknownclaymore5 Unknown Unknownrank5 No.??? Unknown (Member of Teresa's Execution Squad)

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Male Generation Isley (No. 1) • Rigardo (No. 2) • Dauf (No. 3) • Chronos (No. 4) • Lars (No. 6)
Unknown Generation Licht (No. 1) • Chloe (No. 1) • Sistina (No. 1) • Lutecia (No. 1) • Octavia (No. 2) • Agatha (No. 2) • Former Single-digit
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List of Claymores by Rank
Number 1 Isley (of the North)Riful (of the West)(The Three-Armed) Licht(The Heavy-Bladed) ChloeSistina (the Divine Oracle)Lutecia (The Universal)Cassandra (the Dust Eater)Roxanne (of Love and Hate)Luciela (of the West)Hysteria (the Elegant)RosemaryTeresa (of the Faint Smile)Alicia the Black
Number 2 Rigardo (the Silver-Eyed Lion King)(Fresh Blood) Agatha(Wild Horse) OctaviaRoxanne (of Love and Hate)RafaelaRosemaryTeresa (of the Faint Smile)(Quicksword) IrenePriscillaBethAlexandra(The Oracle) Alice/Galatice
Number 3 Dauf(Muscular) Sophia(Quicksword) Irene(Gentle Sword/the Untouchable) AudreyChristineUuropa the Lazy
Number 4 ChronosRosemary(Stormwind) Noel(Muscular) Sophia(Blood-Smeared Wicked Warrior) Ophelia(Blood Eye) Miata
Number 5 ElizabethRoxanne (of Love and Hate)Elda(Stormwind) NoelRafaela(Strong Sword) RachelEuropa the Lazy
Number 6 LarsEldaHilda"Phantom" MiriaRenee
Number 7 Eva(Winged) Anastasia
Number 8 Miria"Windcutter" Flora"Tracker" Dietrich
Number 9 Neideen"Drill Sword" Jean"Shadow Hunter" Nina
Number 10 The Organization's Trump Card Raftela
Number 11 Undine of the Twin Swords) • (Red Wall) Violet
Number 12 "Sand Cloud" Abigail
Number 13 Veronica(Beheader) Letitia(Quicksword) Irene(Gentle Sword/the Untouchable) AudreyChristineUuropa the Lazy
Number 14 CynthiaLina
Number 15 (Regenerator) DeneveNike
Number 16 Tesla
Number 17 MiriaEliza
Number 18 LilyClarissa
Number 19 Dominique
Number 20 Queenie
Number 22 "Snake Arms" HelenNoma
Number 24 Roxanne of Love and HateZeldaMinerva
Number 25 Raquel
Number 26 KateAlice/Galatice "The Oracle"
Number 27 Emelia
Number 30 Wendy
Number 31 Uranus • (Wide Range) Tabitha
Number 32 Katea
Number 35 Roxanne of Love and HateCassandra's FriendPamela
Number 36 Claudia
Number 37 Natalie
Number 39 Karla
Number 40 (SwordThrower) Yuma
Number 41 Matilda
Number 43 Juliana
Number 44 Diana
Number 46 Elena
Number 47 (Fastest Sword of All Claymores) Clare • (Color Head / Mud Haired Girl / Mud Head) Clarice
Unknown Rank Claymore of Jean's teamFormer Single-digitPhinaKeira


  • The trainees and the current generation are the last Claymores to be created.
    • Rubel agreed to keep the war from ever affecting the island again; this along with Rimute's death effectively ended the inhumane experiments of the Organization.
    • Since Claymores are ageless, they can eternally protect the island.
  • Due to the stigma on the front of their bodies, its unlikely Claymores would be capable of handling a pregnancy as it would require their abdomens to swell to accommodate a growing baby. Such a development would likely cause the sutures to burst.
    • The stigma may also be the reason they do not feel comfortable while laying down; since their organs are weighing against the sutures.
    • Awakened Beings do not seem to have stigmas, though it is unknown if they can reproduce.


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