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Teresa and Clare statue

"Clare and Teresa" in opening credits of Anime Series

Clare and Teresa are the Twins Goddesses of Love which are honored and celebrated in Claymore. The goddesses both in appearance and concept are one of the ongoing themes in the Claymore series.

Teresa is the goddess on the left-hand side, while Clare is the name of the goddess on the right.


Clare first heard about the information of the two Twin Goddesses of Love from Teresa when she was a child. Clare is named by Teresa in honor of the goddess by which she herself is named. Clare does seem to suggest that her actual name is "Clare" all along.

Clare explores a town (unnamed in manga, named Hanel in anime) which has a statue of the two goddesses in public display. She discovers that Raki was also previously in the city asking questions about the statue.

While imprisoned by slave traders in a northern town (manga only), Raki carves an outline of the twin goddesses on his cell-room wall, writing the name "Clare" underneath the goddess on the right. Clare discovers this sketch later while searching the ruins and presumed Raki to have dwelled down into the Southern Lands.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Rafaela upon merging with her sister Luciela, and subsequently awakening,
    File:The Destroyer-Coloured.jpg
    take an awakened form that mirrors that of the two goddesses.
  • In the anime, the goddesses appear in the opening credits.
  • There is official manga artwork of the goddesses in the shape of Teresa and Clare.