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Clare's Rival
Alias None
Gender Female
Symbol Unknown
Rank Trainee (Former)
Type Unknown
Technique(s) Unknown
Status Unknown
Affiliation The Organization (Former)
Family Unknown
Hometown Unknown
Manga Extra Scene 4
Anime N/A
Voice Actors
Japanese N/A
English N/A

Clare's Rival is an unnamed Claymore Trainee from Clare's generation.


Short hair and bowl form, down to her neck (somewhat similar to Unnamed Twins hairstyle). She has quite a muscular body, considering still being a trainee. She has the traditional silver eyes and wears the trainee uniform.[1]

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Clare's Rival is tomboyish and outspoken, similar to Helen. Possible to be hotheaded, however she noted that Clare is 1/4 yoma and has lower power than the anothers trainees. After getting wounded by a yoma, Clare carries her away, however, she claims that she'd rather die than getting rescued by someone like her. Clare then tells her that she shouldn't throw away her life that easily.[1]


When Clare becomes a trainee warrior, other trainees talk about her, referring to Clare as the "Special Warrior". Another trainee wants to test out Clare in order to confirm the rumours. The two trainees battle each other. Due to Clare's lack of strenght, her shoulder dislocates. Clare gets knocked down, however gets up again after fixing her dislocated shoulder and insists to continue. Rubel interrupts the fight though. Later, in the final test, Clare's Rival and Clare join up in different teams and later, Clare's Rival attacks Clare to continue their last duel. Clare senses something and rans off, followed by her rival. They encounter the dead trainees of the rival team. Clare's Rival who was part of the team blames Clare, but in fact it was a Yoma. Clare's Rival gets impaled by the yoma and badly injured, but Clare manages to escape with her. Clare sets a trap, using her hair as a distraction to kill the yoma, which she does right after the yoma falls for the trick. Clare's Rival survived along with Clare, though it's unknown what happend to her afterwards.[1]

Notes and references[]

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