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This is the page where you can view all the Claymore characters. Contains the ranks and people of the Claymore

Claymores and Other Characters[]

Number 1
Alicia Awakened/Dead
Teresa "Alive" within Clare
Rosemary Awakened/Dead
Luciela Awakened/Merged with Rafaela/Dead
Licht Dead
Chloe Dead
Sistina Dead
Lutecia Dead
Number 2
Beth Awakened/Dead
Irene Alive
Agatha Awakened/Dead
Wild Horse Octavia Awakened
Number 3
Audrey Alive
Galatea Alive
Irene Alive
Sophia Dead
Number 4
Miata Alive/Soul Link Awakened
Ophelia Awakened/Dead
Sophia Dead
Noel Dead
Number 5
Rachel Alive
Rafaela Awakened/Merged with Luciela/Dead
Noel Dead
Elda Unknown
Elizabeth Dead
Number 6
Renee Unknown
Miria Alive/Former
Hilda Dead
Elda Unknown
Number 7
Anastasia Alive
Eva Dead
Number 8
Dietrich Alive
Flora Dead
Miria Alive/Former when to number 6
Number 9
Nina Alive
Jean Dead
Neideen Dead
Number 10


Number 11
Undine Dead
Violet Alive/Deserted
Number 12
Abigail Alive/Former
Number 13
Letitia Alive/Former
Veronica Dead
Number 14
Lina Alive
Cynthia Alive/Former
Number 15
Nike Alive
Deneve Alive/Former
Number 16
Tesla Alive
Number 18
Clarissa Alive
Lily Dead
Number 19
Dominique Alive
Number 20
Queenie Dead
Number 22
Noma Alive
Helen Alive/Former
Number 24
Minerva Alive
Zelda Dead
Number 27
Emelia Dead
Number 30
Wendy Dead
Number 31
Tabitha Dead
Uranus Alive
Number 32
Katea Dead
Number 35
Pamela Dead
Number 36
Claudia Dead
Number 37
Natalie Dead
Number 39
Karla Dead
Number 40
Yuma Alive/Former
Number 41
Matilda Dead
Number 43
Juliana Dead
Number 44
Diana Dead
Number 47
Clarice Dead
Clare Alive/Former
Unknown Single-Digit
Europa Awakened/Dead
Former Single-digit Awakened/Dead Killed by Ophelia
Clare's Rival Unknown
Unnamed Twins Alive/Deserter


Rubel Alive


Orsay Alive
Rado Alive
Retrieval Squad
Dae Dead
Rimuto Dead


Father Vincent Alive
Galk Alive
Kenneth Dead
Raki Alive
Rig Dead
Sid Alive


Abyssal One[]

Abyssal One
Empress Riful of the West Dead
White Silver King Isley of the North Dead
The Failed Experiment Luciela of the South Dead
The New Abyssal Ones
Cassandra the Dust Eater Dead
Roxanne of Love and Hate Dead
Hysteria the Elegant Dead
Possible Abyssal Ones
Rosemary Dead
Alexandria Dead
Beyond Abyssal Ones
Priscilla One-Horned Monster Dead
The Destroyer Dead
Riful-Like Being Dead
The Interim
Alicia the Black Dead

This is a working progress and will be separated with a timeline (hopefully)